Monday, December 30, 2002

*prods self*
I think I'm well now. Especially after I got locked out of the bloody office for an hour after lunch.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

I've been very sick lately. Very. Heck, I can still barely taste my food. And those dizzy spells are going away ( but they're still there sometimes ), but the urge to puke is still lurking around the place. My new PS2 is now hooked up to my PC ( Von Darke's recommendation ) via a TV card - this means I'm officially bankrupt.

Anyway, last week's poll:

What do you think of Christmas?
Total number of votes: 15

Vote breakdown:
1. It's the most wonderful time of the year. (4)
2. It's when I celebrate the birth of Christ. (2)
3. I don't celebrate Christmas. (2)
4. I'm in for the presents and the parties. (5)
5. Bah, humbug! (2)

Right. I was pretty much with humbug earlier, but after the Christmas Eve dinner, fixing up the PS2 to the PC and recovering from my near death ( YOU try lying in bed in a feverish delirium ), I'm feeling much better about it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas everybody! It's that time of the year again, and I'm down with a cold *snifff*. Christmas this year started off well enough - night Mass at Little Sister's Of The Poor with Mich C and the Simoniac, followed by picking up Von Darke from his house and then it was off to the Simoniac's house for Christmas Eve dinner. The menu: tomyam steamboat. It was wonderfully done, although I'm now paying the price ( constipation - my ass is RAW, people, RAW ). Junie dropped by and gave us some wine ( bless her soul ). Then Hel and Captain Insano joined us, and everything degenerated into a drunken stupor. Well, not everyone was falling underneath the table, but I suspect that must have happened after everyone got home. All in all, a fun night, with only a cold and ass problems to deal with the morning after. Small price to pay.

Monday, December 23, 2002

It's the Monday before Wednesday's Christmas. My body feels like someone grabbed me by the legs and slammed me against a hard wall several times. The Christmas shopping is only half done ( as my little sister told me last night ). I've finally paid off my Telekom debts ( dated March and April 2001 ), so they'll be calling those bounty hunters off my back soon. I'm also on leave today and tomorrow. I plan to sleep when I have time.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Saturday the condensed version:
* Morning - Intel Walk for Charity ( 5km, but it seemed shorter )
* Afternoon - Aborted watch of Die Another Day, shopping + lunch instead in Prangin Mall
* Evening / Night - Xaverian's 150th dinner ( met lots of old friends, had fun )

Sunday the condensed version:
* Afternoon - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
* Evening - Some shopping and a briefing ( Q&A )
* Night - Read The Exorcist: Legion, died of severe tiredness

Friday, December 20, 2002

Have you ever considered committing suicide?
Total number of votes: 14

Vote breakdown:
Yes. (6)
No. (2)
Everyday. (0)
Everytime the shit hits the ceiling. (1)
Hell, I've tried committing suicide. (5)

I've got suicidal thoughts aplenty. Suicide, or so I've been made to believe, usually stems from that 'I can't take it anymore' feeling. Or the 'I'm so sick of living' feeling. Venting one's frustrations at life might help with the tendency to obliterate one's self though. Therefore, to all you suicidal folks out there, here's a friendly Christmas message:

Don't keep everything inside.

( After a most grueling session of overwhelm and beat the shit out of the manager... )
*kick in the ribs*
Give the CEO a bad report about me, eh?
*kick in the ribs*
Think you're so bloody smart, eh?
*kick in the ribs*
Well Merry Christmas, asshole. I hope getting me fired is worth your miserable life.
*throws extremely bruised body of manager off the 26th floor*

And so we make that transition from SUICIDE to HOMICIDE.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Melancholy has set it. I don't know, it could be the coffee. Gave me the much-needed boost in the morning, but come the afternoon and I start suffering from post-lunch syndrome. Doesn't help that everyone else in the office is happily chatting away to each other about the new project and here I am, twisting my brains in ways unimaginable trying to design some whackout application from hell ( where the requirements have NOT changed, but they might soon ). Yes, I'm left out of the new project. Why? I'm not too sure, but I have at least two theories.

Theory One: The whole damn project's in Chinese. I'm not talking verbal - EVERYTHING about it is written in Chinese characters. So Mr. Non-Chinese here is pretty useless.

Theory Two ( the conspiracy theory ): I'm getting fired next year. That's why no one here bothers to chat with me, except for that one guy in the office.

I'm handling this pretty well myself, thank you. Worst case scenario - I go postal and people start falling off Gurney Tower ( not me, everyone else ). Most likely scenario - I go home and weep in the solitude of my dark cramped crowded dusty cobwebby room. Most hoped for scenario - I get a job which pays higher, has less work and has a close to no traffic route to my home.
Christmas approaches, and I'm getting this feeling that I'm going to get fired soon. Again. It happened last year too. Last year around this time, me and a few others back in eBX thought we were going to get fired ( it came true in June the next year ). And here I am again, feeling like I'm going to be unemployed in the near future. Is this a Christmas thingy? Am I doomed to experience these feelings every Christmas?

Lugubrious feelings aside, I had to wake up at FIVE BLOODY THIRTY IN THE MORNING to fetch my sister to camp. At 6.30am, the roti canai stall wasn't opened yet, so I had dimsum instead. It was a stomach-expanding meal for RM8.80, but well worth it. Got home at 7.30am, played Diablo 2 till 8.15am, napped until 8.30am and then left for work. I was in a pretty bad shape - the world was spinning through half-opened eyes and all I wanted was a kind word of good morning from someone. Instead, what I got was a double shot of espresso from Starbucks below. Which worked too.

Sigh. In this office where only one guy talks to me daily, I'm kind of missing eBX. Solitude has its plus points, but its long-term effects can really - REALLY - warp a person's mind. Or maybe it's just the caffeine in me.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

There's this headache which has been bugging me on and off for the past few days. It comes in the mornings just before work, and it comes in the nights after I've reached home. It could be brought upon by a change in the temperature - dawn to morning ( hotter ), dusk to night ( cooler ). Yet somehow I doubt that's the cause - I don't think I'm one who can be affected by temperature changes that easily. Anyway my headache two nights ago lasted until yesterday morning. It was a bitch waking up to yet another exploding skull.

The Christmas mood is finally settling in on my office - employee count today is at an all-time low of five. Not that it matters to me, since I'm always detached from everything else. Maybe I should consider taking leave on Christmas Eve. Just to stay at home and meditate on the birth of Christ. Hopefully, if this year's Con of the Year works out well, I will have a PS2 before 2003.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The problem with people and elevators - they like to rush in first, press the floor they want to go to and stand right there next to the elevator controls doing absolutely nothing. It really irritates me when people do that, especially when they stand so close to the controls that you can hardly press the floor you want to go to, let alone keep the doors open for other people. Lower down on the grievance scale are people who rush in, press their floor and flit away to a corner of the elevator. If you want to rush in, at least have the decency to press the 'Door Open' button while others swarm in. It's something of a social courtesy - first one in makes sure that the doors don't close on some desperate fellow trying to get in. Just a little constant pressure on the button - nothing that will kill or unnecessarily tire one out. Is that really too much to ask for? It probably is, especially for some of the people who work here in Gurney Tower.

Monday, December 16, 2002

This hot December night, we join Dr. Sam Beckett as he steps into the Quantum Leap Accelerator... and vanishes. I'm now watching the pilot episodes of Quantum Leap, and I suddenly feel so young again. Oh, to have a Quantum Leap Accelerator handy somewhere around here. It would be so nice to just step into it... and vanish.

Saturday, December 14, 2002

The Simoniac stopped by earlier, and I was witness to the birth of something potentially devastating to the privacy of Penang's occupants. We tested out night shots with his new camera. We tested out the camera's enhanced zoom, which enabled us to see the legs of somebody living on the opposite block of flats from mine ( Note to self: Your privacy sure as hell isn't guaranteed when you live in flats, so don't dig your nose in the living room with the front door open ). The Simoniac eliminated the little white dots when he took night pictures by taking them in the dark. His photography skills are improving. Soon, privacy in Penang will be but an illusion. Keep an eye on his blog - if we're lucky, he might even start posting up his very own homemade voyeur PGP ( Pretty Good Porn ).

Friday, December 13, 2002

I've just remembered it's Friday the 13th today. Von Darke was pointing it out to me last night just before he got on a bus heading south. Well he's still alive and well now, and my day's been pretty kosher so far. Perhaps the unlucky stigma associated with Friday the 13th is purely historical. Some Friday the 13ths, I don't even notice until Saturday the 14th. Then I'll go, "Wha-heeeeeeeey... 'twas not yesterday the 13th?" And then of course I'll go bitch to someone about the unlucky things which might have happened to me yesterday.
What do you think of late night suppers?
Total number of votes: 15

Vote breakdown:
1. Can't live without it. (7)
2. Only when I'm hungry late at night. (2)
3. Very fattening. (5)
4. I never do supper. (1)

Personally, I don't do supper much myself. It's... er... fattening. And as the whole world knows, I'm on a perpetual diet ( a fat lot of good it's doing though ). Perpetual just means that I'm dieting in theory, but not necessarily in practice.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

I bought a Hermione Granger bookmark on Tuesday. I was bugging my little sister about her and I ended up purchasing the bookmark along with my Punisher: War Zone TPB. Now the little witch is firmly marking my place in William Peter Blatty's Legion ( courtesy of Von Darke ). Which bugs my sister even more, cause now it's a fully occultish book and bookmark pair.

And no, I'm not a paedophile, in case anyone's wondering. I seem to get that a lot whenever I bring up Emma Watson.
Thanks to Mich C, I know have the soundtracks of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling and The English Patient. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

I've verified the existence of a economy rice shop which recently opened downstairs. No longer opposite MPH ( that space's been taken up by the Cafe, a place I would like to burn down someday ), it's now along the same row as Starbucks and the Roadhouse Grill. I didn't eat there today though, although I did do a walkby to check out its location. Apparently the regulars who used to eat at the old economy rice shop were already there. Tomorrow a few colleagues and I will probably go sample its delicacies.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I feel so weak today. I woke up feeling tired. I've been sleepy the whole day since I woke up. Occasionally I fall into yawning fits, where I yawn continuously for a minute or so. The fruit seller didn't turn up today, so no papayas. He must be feeling unwell again, cause he told me that he didn't come on Monday because he wasn't feeling too good. Now I lack the daily three pieces of papayas. I'm currently feeling quite bloated due to excessive water and that packet of bee hoon mee which is fast becoming a staple lunch. However, I've heard rumours that a new shop which sells economy rice has opened downstairs. If that is so, then I should go have a looksee tomorrow during lunch. Koay teow / bee hoon / mee is cheap. But quite valueless in terms of nutrients. I would be happy with some leafy vegetables and maybe an egg or a piece of meat.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Elvis day in the office. Someone's playing the King over here, and some of my colleagues sing along occasionally. If there's a fast number eg. Hound Dog, there might even be clapping to the rhythm. It's a pretty surreal experience. Especially when we get to songs like Love Me Tender. Then the sing-a-long REALLY starts. Pity my ears.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Today is a holiday for me. Which is worrying, cause not everyone is having a holiday. This isn't quite my company's style - usually, if someone in Penang is working, we'll be working too. But now it's like half of Penang or so is working and I'm at home worrying if I have work today. No mails in the company mailbox though, and one of my ex-colleagues confirmed that I had no work over ICQ. So now, all that's left is to fetch my little sister from camp at noon today. And putter around the house. I like puttering around the house. The environment of peace and calm is very soothing, especially after the hot hell-like weather outside during the afternoon.

Oh, and my father did end up watching Die Another Day at 9.50pm. He came back around midnight telling me how good it was, and why I shouldn't miss it. Apparently, it was seriously action-packed, as advertised by the Simoniac.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Lethargy has set in after last night's Enterprise marathon ( 7 episodes ). That's why I spent the morning watching even more Enterprise, the afternoon at Splashpage and the evening playing Diablo 2. I feel pretty sluggish now, partly due to the cold. It rained in the evening just now - my father wanted to go watch James Bond in Die Another Day, but the rain was heavy. He ended up watching MTV on the couch. Me, I went to catch a nap. And now, I await the arrival of Hel and the Simoniac. My stomach clamours for dinner.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Tea and dinner with Nael and Justine ( with appearances by Von Darke and the Simoniac ). Justine was nice, Nael was pretty smitten with the Simoniac.

Climbed a waterfall with Von Darke and the Simoniac. Hel fed the mosquitoes on the way up ( they were hungry, she was willing ).

Enterprise ( with Captain Sam Beckett and Ms. Hoshi Sato ). Accompanied with a cup of King's ice cream ( vanilla & coffee with pistachio almond ), followed by hot Milo and some digestive biscuits.
This week on Prosian Thoughts...

If you were stalked, you would:
Total number of votes: 12

1. Freak out and panic. (1)
2. Run run away. (0)
3. Stalk the stalker in return. (2)
4. Turn around and confront the SOB in public. (3)
5. Whack the living shit out of that bastard. (3)
6. Stalked? *I* stalk people. (3)

So. Stalking. Probably a fun activity for the stalker, not so the stalked. Me, I'm not really into stalking. That guy who took pictures of Pauline while she was bathing? Not me, but the Simoniac ( our resident stalking expert ). I can't really get into that mindset of following a person around all day in the rain or blazing hot sun. Or waiting outside the house for hours just to see that someone close the window to sleep. Or just plain stepping on people's heels. I'm the type who downloads videos clips of stalking activities from the Internet. Yeah, sedentary lifestyle, but it works. And I don't have to crawl up the roof just to take pictures of girls bathing either.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Gah, my CTO's back in town. An oppressive atmosphere settles back into the office, and all my colleagues left for lunch at the same time. I know that at least one of them wanted to stay in for lunch, but the return of the CTO changed things. It's not that we don't like him or anything. It's just that oppressive feeling. Me, I get to shrug off oppressive feelings at work, since I don't socialize with anyone in the office. Maybe with one or two of them, but it's nothing really friendly. I for one do not gallop around the office.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

TWO WHOLE DAYS of holiday for Raya! It's either Thursday / Friday or Friday / Monday. I don't know why the company is giving us a Monday holiday if Raya falls on a Friday, but I'm not complaining. Maybe it's a legal thingy. Maybe the government decreed that Raya MUST be two days of public holidays, even for Chinaman-mindset companies. Isn't that just so luverly?

So now, all that's left is to answer the eternal question: Should I spend four days sleeping on the couch, four days sleeping on the bed or divide my time equally between both? Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Woke up with a migraine. Went to the toilet for my morning shit, ended up bleeding due to a large stubborn piece of excretion. I actually saw blood all over the floor this time. Well, just a number of drops. So with the migraine and the bleedy ass, I decided to skip work. After dropping my sister off at the KOMTAR bus-stop, I roamed around Georgetown for awhile before going to work anyway. Perhaps, I thought, I'll just putter around the office until it was lunch and then go home. While puttering around the office, the migraine went away. So there I was in the office feeling all fine and dandy ( the bleedy ass sensations had subsided, to be continued later in a toilet ), without the all-important LUNCH.

That led me to take a nice stroll to one of the coffeeshops along Gurney Drive, where I became the unwitting victim of legal daylight robbery ( RM3.60 for one of the most miserable plates of chicken rice EVER ). Next time, I'll have to try other stuff. I thought I saw curry mee somewhere, but if everything there is going to be so overpriced I'm going back to my RM1 packet of mee from the morning.

Monday, December 02, 2002

Our secretary left last Thursday. Yes, it's byebye Connie, I feel bad that I forgot to mention it in my Thursday post. She was so much easier to make friends with than the previous one. So now, we're looking for someone to do admin work.

Now how did I suddenly remember this? Our lady boss / accountant asked me just now if I knew anyone from church who wanted to work as admin staff. I really didn't want to, but I ended up telling her that I didn't go to church regularly *cough*understatement*cough*. That led to an admonishment of why I should go to church and all. I was really tempted to get into a theological debate there and then, but instead I just smiled and agreed with her on everything she said.

I should have known that she was one of those religious types. I thought she had to be a Protestant or something when she referred to Our Lady of Sorrows as the church opposite St. Paul's. My hope now is that management stay off my back on issues regarding religion.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Mich C and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets today. I thought it was a pretty good watch, preferring it to the first movie due to the more cohesive storyline. However, I didn't really get that sense of wonder which came with the first movie, with the exception of the first part where Ron and Harry had to get to school. Story's a little darker this time round, and I truly appreciated the rather unique nature of the film's antagonist this time round. It was pretty much an oowah moment for me ( I've never read the Harry Potter books myself, so I don't know what's going to happen next ).

Coming soon: Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. Now this I know will be a better watch than the Fellowship of the Ring, cause I've read the book.

Saturday, November 30, 2002

The cold end-of-the-year weather is starting to affect me. Every morning, I wake up with this desert-dry throat which just screams for water. Sometimes, the extreme dryness even wakes me up in the middle of the night. And after really waking up, I start coughing out thick yellow slime in the toilet. It's nice to roll around in the mouth, but it looks positively disgusting when it's covering the floating excretion in the toiletbowl. But that's just a morning thing. Come the afternoon ( and the heat ), everything returns to normal again.

Friday, November 29, 2002

This week's poll:

Rock & Roll is THE DEVIL!
Total number of votes: 13

Vote breakdown:
1. Amen to that, brother! (1)
2. It's just music, man. (4)
3. But God gave rock & roll to you! (4)
4. This means Elvis ( the King ) is Satan, right? (4)

I'm sorry to disappoint you folks, but Elvis ( the King ) is NOT Satan. Elvis the Pelvis is just another gyrating bum who sold his soul to the Devil and got many many many women crazy over him. That lucky bastard. Or maybe he's an alien, if you believe MiB, but I'll go with the 'I sold my soul to the Devil' theory.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Anomaly: My eyes start itching for awhile during the afternoon ( after lunch ). This has been happening for a few days now. It's more of a nuisance than anything else - I could do very well without having to fight the urge to scratch out my eyes every few seconds or so. Alas, the cause of the itching seems to be quite hard to put a finger on - perhaps a daily change in the end-of-the-year weather outside triggers off this *aargh scratchscratch* confounded itch. Bitching itch.

One of my colleagues who had an extra packet of nasi lemak donated it to me today. It was very nice of him. Now I feel very full, having consumed the usual lunch, the nasi lemak and an extra pineapple ( I felt a connection towards pineapples earlier ).

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

This 'cut down on food' thingy is getting to me. After my usual meals ( a bar of Uncle Toby's for breakfast, a packet of char bee hoon and three slices of papayas for lunch ), I started feeling hungry at 4.30pm. 4.30pm. The hunger pangs hit me and they haven't let go of me just yet. I suspect that only food can appease them. Food! I need food. I'm so hungry I've finished eating all my fingernails and am now toying with the idea of going to the toilet to start on my toenails ( they've grown quite long themselves ). Hungeeeerr...

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Went to McDonald's last night, and just what the hell is the quarter-pounder with cheese all about? It's ridiculously overpriced, and it didn't even make me half full. Okay, so maybe the beef patty was a little bigger. But RM5.00 just for that? Geez, I'm going back to Le Big Mac ( which has shrunk so much it should be known as the Medium Mac instead ). This quarter pounder thingy just feels like an overglorified cheeseburger.

Most of McDonald's offerings of late have been pretty dismal ( McBubur, anyone? ), but this one is downright depressing. Maybe I had really high expectations of the quarter pounder with cheese. After all, it was featured in Pulp Fiction ( according to John Travolta, it's known as Royale With Cheese in Paris ).

See the state of the world these days? I swear that aliens all over the galaxy can tell that we're going to hell just from our version of McDonald's.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Monday at work, and I'm falling asleep. In fact, I nearly nodded off just now as I sat back in my chair. See the danger of an extended weekend? I fell back into that 'sleep at 6am mindset' ( thanks to Starcraft ) and now it's hard - SO HARD - to stay awake when the sun's up in the sky. But those toilet trips to wash the face and some music ( KISS and Apocalyptica ) is helping. The music helps a lot.

My colleagues ( the male ones ) were galloping sideways in the office earlier. They don't run here, but apparently a healthy gallop is the best way to get around fast. At least they don't do it on all fours. But if they do, that'll probably keep me awake.

So it's Monday. I'm sleepy. My stomach's bloated. Sometimes, I feel like I'm trapped in this vicious cycle.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

I can't believe three days of no work passed by so quickly. I woke up early to get my haircut today, and because of that, I now lack sleep. Shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, but Brood War was pretty addictive. And so was Diablo 2. And massive downloads of books. And just standing near the room window taking in the fresh cool night air. God, I love the end of the year. The air is crisp and cool, even in the afternoon ( as long as you're 18 floors above the ground you won't burn like those down below ). Unfortunately, the coolness also lowers my metabolism rate, prompting me to sleep. And this is why I usually end up missing the end of the year festivities. I fall asleep.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Mich C's back in Ipoh, so my family and I went off to the Roadhouse Grill for lunch today. After a very expensive lunch and a lot of peanuts, I think I can feel the gnawing advent of a sore throat. Huge amounts of water doesn't seem to be working. I took a double dose of Vitamin C and still my throat feels like it's ripping itself out. The agony. The pain. The lamentation of me having too much gastronomical fun during the weekend and having to suffer for the other five days of the week. Now it's almost 6pm. Sleep timeeeeeee!

Friday, November 22, 2002

It's a Friday, and I clean forgot to update my poll. Blame the holiday, I say. Holidays equate to sleep. At least I was sleeping, until my sister called me up for dinner. Anyway, thanks to Joie for reminding me, here's the poll for this week:

If there's a caterpillar crawling on my neck, I would:
Total number of votes: 13

Vote breakdown:
1. Flick it off. (4)
2. Keep it as a pet. (0)
3. Scream and run around. (3)
4. Take it off and torture it - slowly. (4)
5. Throw it to the ground and stomp on it a few times. (0)
6. Put it somewhere where it'll have a chance to live. (1)
7. Quietly place it on my nearest colleague. (1)
8. Eat it. (0)

Now, I agree with the flicking off part. Being a guy, screaming and running around is a big no-no for me, so I don't do that. If possible I would like to put it on a nice juicy leaf or something. If I were in the office, I would put it on some colleague ( pity the girls ). But I'll never torture it. Haven't the heart, see? But I'm willing to kill a few managers anyday. There are actually days when I feel that animal lives are worth more than certain human lives.
Holiday today! And I slept late last night, as I finished the original Starcraft without cheating. This is quite the achievement for me, you know. My idea of strategy games is infinite money and invulnerable units. But I did it! I finished Starcraft without cheating ( yeah, a bit late I know, but better late than never )! Rah Rah Rah!

And since it's a holiday, I'm going back to sleep. I'll wake up later to continue on Brood War.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

The rash of pimples which popped up after last weekend seems to be subsiding. Unfortunately, my face is forever marred by the scourge of those ultra-tiny volcanos. It's byebyebye to that 'smooth as a baby's behind' complexion *sob*. But let this be a lesson to us all. The combination of tomyam + nasi kandar + lots of hot fried food + lots of chilli sauce consumed during steamboat is not a bad combo. It's a VERY HORRIBLE combo. No one should endeavour to eat all that in the span of two days. And if you do, at least cut down on the chilli sauce during the steamboat.

You know, I haven't been attacked by so many pimples all at once before. At least three popped up on my forehead. One above the right cheek and another above the left cheek. An extremely painful one right under the nose. Two in a vertical row on the left side of my mouth. A few smaller ones popping up everywhere else on the face. I'm scarred, I tell you! SCARRED!

But *sigh*, that was wonderful chilli sauce... and if I could do it all again, I would do it all the same!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

They say that this coming Friday is a holiday for Penang. That's what they say, at least. Me, I don't know. Pei Ling warned me earlier this year that this was a depressing year, with most of the holidays falling on Saturday. But this Friday? It's really a holiday, it seems. The lady boss asked our team lead yesterday after work, and he stated that it was a holiday. Today, the colleagues were celebrating the coming holiday in the afternoon. A bit too premature - the company could pull off an asshole move and recall us back to work - but I'm not about to go spoil their fun. Holidays this year are too few, and they should be cherished.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The problem with the toilets here in the Gurney Tower offices is the lack of ventilation. Inside the gent's room are two urinals, one sink, two stalls and something which looks suspiciously like a circular air vent or something. Needless to say, I don't think it's working. Both stalls were occupied this morning, and both occupants were smoking. When I went in to relieve myself, I thought I stepped into a sarin gas chamber. The management should have done something about the ventilation. This is an example of extremely bad toilet design. The air in the toilet is stagnant, stale and like today, if someone smokes inside, cancerous.

Very bad toilet air combo = Both stall occupants smoking + Shit ala Stinky + Some Major Farting Action

Monday, November 18, 2002

A Sobering Message To Drunk Drivers
Chasing Hope

And that is why drunk drivers should be made to suffer the pain they bring unto others.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Mich C and I went to a charity fair at Mount Miriam today. My sister was on duty there as a prefect, and we had many tickets to spend. Parking there was terrible, but we were lucky enough to get a lot by the corner of the road not too far away from the hospital. The food there was nothing really special, although I'm kind of partial towards the fried pohpiah. Mich C wasn't too happy with her tomyam beehoon ( which was, admittedly, pretty bad ). After much walking around under the warm makeshift shelter ( it could have been uncomfortably warm, but there were clouds lurking around the place ), we finally decided to spend everything before we went home. That landed us with a few tins of oatmeal, some digestive biscuits and a little potted plant.

The afternoon saw me, Mich C and my little sister off to Island Plaza to buy some stuff. We initially wanted to go to Gurney Plaza, but Kelly Chen was there to host the opening of a karaoke called Red Box, and the whole place was packed. The car park was full, and enforcement officers were happily writing tickets for illegally-parked cars. So we went to Island Plaza where I got my Ghost Rider: Resurrected TPB. God, I miss Ghost Rider. No title I read these days come close to that one.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Mich C and I had Thai food for lunch today. It was in a newly-opened Thai restaurant at Crystal Point. In fact, it just opened yesterday. It was so new there was no menu yet. I didn't really get the name of the restaurant ( too hungry ), but the napkin stated Nam Prik Restaurant. Anyway, the food there was good. We had grilled fish ( RM18 ), tomyam ( RM14 ), kai lan with prawns ( RM8 ) and Coke ( RM2 each ). The rice was RM1 per plate, but they gave free refills. All in all, very nice. I liked the tomyam especially, but the grilled fish, supposedly their specialty, wasn't really that nice.

We went to this nasi kandar shop on the other side of Kayu ( yet another nasi kandar store ) for dinner. The maggi goreng was too soggy, the beef curry was mediocre and the pasembur had best be forgotten.

My point is, spicy food for lunch and dinner. Tomorrow's toilet trip promises to be interesting.

Friday, November 15, 2002

I had a caterpillary morning. As I was driving to work, I realized that there was a caterpillar hanging down from my sunshade. Okay, I was cool with that. I flicked it out of the window like the impassive bastard I am. And then, after I reached my office, I realized that there was another caterpillar crawling on my neck. I should have realized that there was something amiss when I felt those silky threads on my face outside. Damn caterpillars, always hanging from trees! I should learn to walk on the other side of the road, where there're no trees.

This one on my neck I let it play on my headphones cord as I ate my breakfast. Then I used a toothpick to stuff it into a plastic bag before dumping it into the trashcan in the toilet. Being the impassive bastard I am, I should have flicked it out of the window instead. I bet a bird would have snatched it out of the air as it's falling 26 floors. Regrets, I've had a few...

And now, the poll:

Are you gay?
Total number of votes: 14

1. Yes. (0)
2. No. (3)
3. I don't know. (1)
4. I swing both ways, baybee. (4)
5. Are you gay? (6)
6. Why do you insist on persecuting homosexuals? (0)

So. We have heterosexuals here. One person who's confused about his / her sexuality. At least four bisexuals. And six people who have nothing better to wonder about. I'm straight, you sad, sad people. Now go torture your neighbour's dog or something. Creeps.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Training finished yesterday. I think I screwed up a little, but my supervisor was nice enough to send me a note of thanks so I wouldn't resign right away. Well, I think the whole aim of the training is to educate everyone so that they can terminate my employment earlier. Those bastards. At any rate, I found this little site which might be of use to those of you who are bored at work ( or just want to do anything but work at work during work ):

Tiny Windows Games!

Check out Tiny Invaders.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The oddest thing today ( so far ) is not the speed at which a full day training was concluded in less than three hours. It's that little black thing which I keep seeing intermittently out of the corner of my eye. Not that it's bothering me, but if there's a little cockroach skittering around among the computers on the conference table, I would at least like to know about it. But a little cockroach would be rather unlikely, given the speed at which that little thingy is moving. Maybe some other kind of bug. Maybe it's something else. Probably I need more sleep. But I'm pretty sure I saw it.

Coincidentally, the first of two buns I ate for breakfast had a horrible buglike taste during the last couple of mouthfuls. The second bun washed down the taste, but I couldn't help wondering then if it would do anything to me. Just a thought. Now I'll have to go generate more stuff for the afternoon training session.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The loss of the cafetaria below has forced me to seek out new ways to procure food during lunch. Yesterday's lunch was the fruity lunch - pineapple, guava, water chestnut and papaya. It was a little costly at RM3.50 and it did make me feel a little uncomfortable, but a nice cup of Milo helped a lot until dinner. Today's lunch was a packet of mee and koay teow at RM1.00. I bought it from a stall outside the post office ( near my house ) in the morning. My colleagues thought it was disgusting, but I'm okay with the fact that my lunch is cold and soggy with a few droplets of moisture here and there. As long as it doesn't kill me. A shame the fruitseller wasn't at his usual spot when I went down earlier - a few slices of papaya would be nice now.

Memo to self: Stay clear of the office's packets of teh tarik. I think they've expired.
Memo to anybody reading this: If I die tomorrow or end up with chronic diarrhea, you know those packets are way expired.

Monday, November 11, 2002

I couldn't sleep last night. No amount of twisting and turning could put me to sleep. At least not until nearly 6am, and even then, I was awake on and off due to the early morning sounds ( buses, motorcycles, alarm clocks, telephones, etc. ). I still don't know why sleep was beyond my reach - I had been up early on Sunday morning, and the work I was doing should have put me out.

So now I pay the price of a sleepless night. Zombielike, semi-drooling character in black trying to train a bunch of people. I feel terrible that no one understands what I'm trying to say. They really took the wrong guy for the job.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

And so ends the weekend. Wasted on training preparations. I'm feeling so down and weary. I think I'll go brood awhile before I sleep.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Today I'm bound to my PC to prep myself for some training which I'm going to conduct the coming Monday to Wednesday. It's a really lousy job, one which is already turning this weekend into an excruciatingly mind-dulling exercise of extreme boredom. I think the whole affair's a waste of time - my colleagues should just go read that damn training manual and bother me when they need help. Personally, the best training is a hands-on practical. As in, they go about trying to do stuff and only bug me when they're irredeemably clueless. But noooo, they want me to go stand at the head of the table like some bloody popinjay pontificating on the merits of AFP. Well sod those bloody wankers, I just want to finish the original campaign of Starcraft ( for real this time ) and then wonder if I should go on to Brood War.

Since I didn't want to drive out for lunch ( and get caught in that heinous Saturday afternoon traffic jam ), I went down to buy some economy rice for lunch. And found out that it was closed. There was irritation, aye, along with a smattering of curses, but then I remembered about that mee goreng stall opposite the post office, so off I went to buy a packet. It was pretty windy there, and my hair was all over the place. I think it was noticeable, cause people kept on giving me strange glances. Sod them too. The mee goreng was a culinary delight, although it was pretty small. I guess the big packet had to be small at RM2.30, since it's still pretty cheap. But nice, it was very nice. Not as good as the one I used to eat in my old company though. Now that one was the numero uno of all mee gorengs. Especially when you added an extra egg, an extra cucuk udang, extra taukua, extra squid, etc.

On my way up to my house, I heard...

A Rumour in the Lift: Some guy jumped off the 18th floor of one of the flats in my area, possibly my flat. He jumped out of the back window, and damaged two ( or three ) motorcycles on the ground where his head split into two ( or three ) pieces. He was quite well to-do, and took medicine which costs over a hundred RM.

It's just horrible how people just want to jump off tall tall buildings. What an inbred bunch of wankers. Sleeping pills, now, that's the way to go. Or caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion. I think jumping off a building is dumb. It has neither the flair and style of an explosion, nor has it the peace and quiet of the eternal sleep.

Friday, November 08, 2002

In this week's poll, we have the Washing of the Socks issue:

How often would you wash the socks you wear to work?
Total number of votes: 11

Vote breakdown:
1. Everyday. (2)
2. Every two days. (4)
3. Once a week. (1)
4. Once a month. (0)
5. I don't wear socks to work. (2)
6. I never wash my socks. (2)

I used to wash my socks everyday back in school, but that caused them to wear out way too fast. Sigh. It's cleanliness versus lastability, and I'm afraid that the stinginess within me cries out for lastability. Saves money that way. But hey, at least I do wash my socks.

Bad news: The management of my office building decided to evict the food and drinks stalls below. Without notice. This morning everything was five by five. Come afternoon, Lily the coffee lady told me on the stairs while I was walking up to the eating area that today was the last day they would be there. It's terrible, I say. TERRIBLE. Without notice! That's so unfair! And worse, the economy rice stall, while ridiculously expensive sometimes, served good food. This is horrible. This means that I actually have to go out for lunch now. That'll waste time, fuel money and probably land me with temporary heat exhaustion if it's hot enough. Damn the management! Damn them all to hell!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

I find that the right amount of good food can go a long way towards keeping myself conscious during the long hours of the afternoon. Yes, my brains were dribbling out of my nose and my ears yesterday, but that was yesterday afternoon. I find now that though I'm seriously lacking sleep ( story of my life, really ), I'm quite wide awake. The reason? A rather expensive plate of economy rice packed with all the food groups in appropriate amounts. It was a full meal, complete with fish and meat and vegetables and egg and some other stuff which I can't remember ( some potatoes, maybe ). It was rather fattening. But it was also energizing. I'm energized. Until my mind lapses again and I return to the land of DayDream, that is.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Sleep lacking. Mind uncomprehending. Brains melting. Eyes closing. Body wilting. Mouth drooling.

Gaaa... gaaa...

( This meltdown was brought to you by Diablo 2. )

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

This morning was beautiful. The bright sun and the clear blue sky gave everything a sharp quality, and the air was crisp and cool. In fact, everything was so clear and sharp that I nearly turned blind when I opened the main door to leave for work. It's unfortunate that a severe lack of sleep gave me a skull-splitting migraine this morning - I would have loved the opportunity to go bask in the early morning sunshine just a little bit and enjoy the sun. As it is, there aren't many places in town where one can peacefully just stand around and not get distracted by the sounds of traffic. I have to admit that exhaust fumes were at a minimal this morning, as the air was still nice even when I was crossing the road at work. The temptation to burst into song was hard to resist.

One should always ask for the person one wishes to speak to when calling someone up. I just answered a colleague's phone because he went out for lunch, and the lady on the line went "Hello, leng chai". It was flattering, of course, but quite the embarrassment too. I don't take compliments well.

Monday, November 04, 2002

This week is going to be hell. I've been heeding the call of the Net this past weekend, sleeping at 5am+ every night. And since something or other kept waking me up early every morning, I'm now seriously lacking sleep. So tonight I aim to sleep earlier, and hope that I won't be too incapacitated tomorrow.

On a totally unrelated note, the smell of the sea is very strong in my house. I stepped into the toilet and smelled the sea. It's also pleasantly cool here. If not for the firecrackers going off every now and then, this could almost be a little house by the seashore.
Happy Deepavali everybody!
( PS: It's also Starcraft / Diablo season. )

Saturday, November 02, 2002

The Simoniac, Von Darke and I watched Red Dragon today. After having read the book and having watched Manhunter, I wasn't really moved by the movie. Silence of the Lambs was amazing when I first watched it in the cinema with me Dad. Hannibal was a disappointment due to the altered ending. Red Dragon? Maybe I'm a little jaded, but I felt that it wasn't all that groundbreaking. Anthony Hopkins was, as usual, wonderful as Hannibal. I initially disliked Edward Norton's depiction of Will Graham, although he did turn out to be likable towards the end. But Harvey Keitel as John Crawford? Not that I don't like Harvey Keitel, but I always preferred Scott Glenn's John Crawford. One thing I was happy with was Anthony Heald reprising his role as Dr. Chilton - he was absolutely delightful in Silence of the Lambs, and he's just as great in Red Dragon.

So should you watch Red Dragon? Yes, by all means, if only to see Hopkins turn out another spectacular performance as everybody's favourite cannibal. And if you're into that kind of thing, you might even get off on watching Ralph Fiennes naked.

Friday, November 01, 2002

This week, on Prosian Thoughts...

The Question: Do you believe in ghosts?
Total number of votes: 7

Vote breakdown:
1. I have not seen but yet believe. (1)
2. Bah, humbug! (1)
3. I see 'things', like dead people walking around. (4)
4. I am a ghost. (1)
5. I WANT to believe. (0)

Contrary to what I believe, people do see ghosts. Or at least think they always see dead people walking around. At least one person has blind faith in ghosts, one ( like me ) doesn't believe and good gracious, I even have a ghost voting. That's very nice, Casper, I truly appreciate you haunting the polls here.

Anyway, it's Starcraft season again. I burned a copy of my Starcraft CD so that I won't wear out the only copy I have, but my Brood War CD is so gone. I'm going to need to borrow it from someone for burning, or at least get it again from a CD shop.

It's also Diablo season too. Diablo 1, that is. I didn't realize that we could play Diablo 1 on for free. That's what I'm doing every night actually. It's a bit hard to decide sometimes though... Should I play Starcraft? Or Diablo? Or Starcraft? Or Diablo? I know I should be doing other things, but the obsession is terrible. I heard that just one of those games are addictive enough. Now I'm addicted to both games at the same time. As you can imagine, I seriously seriously lack serious sleep, and perhaps you will someday read about how I died from playing way too much computer games.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

The problem of digging in nicely in Penang is that one gets contented. And when there's contentment, there's resistance to adverse changes. Like the company sending me away from Penang for an undisclosed amount of time. It's under consideration, of course. I don't have an international passport, and hopefully I don't get sent anywhere. I mean, I don't mind being sent off to maybe America if I get to stay in a grand hotel, get three well-stocked yet exceedingly delicious buffet meals a day and have all the time I want to go shopping for stuff and perhaps even play some tabletop RPG with at the local hobby shops.

However, I don't see that happening. More likely I'll get sent to some remote region ( like a truly isolated village in China ) or some place where I won't be able to communicate with the natives ( eg. Hong Kong ), and I won't even have weekends off. Some people might say that I'm a fool for not wanting to travel, but I think that's not applicable if the only things you'll see are the other country's airport, some roads, the office where you'll be spending the majority of your time in and the little room the company allocates to you to bathe and put your stuff ( you sleep in the office, see, cause you're there to work, not play ).

Is there a point to all this? Hell yeah.

IF travelling implies lots of work, no weekends off and missing Thursday night TV shows
THEN I do not want to go
ELSE I'm there, baybee

Okay, so I'm being petty here. But I can't help it. Paranoia insists that every plane taken by me is headed towards Hell.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Life can be like a TV series. Every season consists of 12 episodes, with each episode being one year. So Season One of one's life will be from age 1 to 12, Season Two will be age 13 to 24, Season Three being age 25 to 26 and so on. I initially was thinking of one season having 24 episodes ( and thus 24 years ), but Shin Shion pointed out that it would a) be too long and b) 12 years would nicely cover the various human cycles.

Anyway, I'm into my second season finale now. I'm heading towards closure, cause I truly dislike cliffhangers. This probably stems from watching too much Buffy - every season has resolved storylines. I like that. Not that I seek closure after every 12 years. But at least once every 12 years, I would like to tie up all loose threads. That makes things feel... kosher.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Tuesday afternoon lethargy. I'm so lethargic. Lethargy becomes me. I dozed off in my chair after lunch with everyone still in the office - I don't normally do that, but today was one of those occasions when I really had to get some shuteye. Not that anyone knew I was partially unconscious. I think I could have died there and then and no one would have realized that I was one of the dearly departed until much later. Actually, I feel like dearly departing myself right now. I. Am. So. Sleepy.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Monday again. Once more, I feel bloated due to the vast amount of food consumed over the weekend. I think this could be the cause of those fat lines around my neck - fat after the weekend, thinner just before the next weekend, repeat again. It's a vicious cycle that's starting to make my neck look horrible.

My aunty ( bless her soul ) made me coconut candy yesterday. Now I have a small tupperware full of coconut candy in my fridge. It tastes as exquisitely wonderful as ever, and I really can't remember when was the last time I ate coconut candy. That coconut taste is truly sublime. She'll be off to Seremban with my uncle next weekend, so my father will only get his bubur hitam the week after next. And my aunty's bubur hitam is yet another wonder of the culinary world - thick and black, it is absolutely rich when you pour some coconut milk on it ( which turns it grey ).

Unfortunately, all this is really - REALLY - fattening. Therefore, I only get them in minute portions ( a small tupperware at most ). You see what happens when you're fat? Watching my food has never been so painful.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

It's been a long day. The morning started off with a quick trip to Ipoh and back for breakfast ( heh heh ), and then there was this afternoon stupor in Mich C's room where I mindlessly played Diablo 2. After that was a panic attack of the car battery - I swear these things happen so often it's almost the norm. And then it was off to Island Plaza with Mich C, my little sister, Hel and the Simoniac where we all took a trip down the Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks and a little kid. I think it's a good movie. It's not that good an adaptation of the original graphic novel - they took out all the ubercool gunfights, so it really wasn't the shootfest which I was hoping for. However, as a movie it stands alone very well. There's closure, there's characterization, there's even a bit of comedy thrown in... people might avoid this movie because they think it's a father-son flick ( and it is, in a way ), but it's highly watchable. Especially if you're into story and 1930s American gangsters ( complete with tommyguns ). Sure, it wasn't exactly what I wanted after I read the graphic novel, but it could have been so much worse.

Just before the movie, I managed to get my Schindler's List soundtrack from Disc & Dat. I truly like this score - the violin is suitably depressing on any day of the week. The idea of being able to order soundtracks through Disc & Dat is really appealing, although the guy there told me that the chances of me getting the soundtrack of The English Patient is very low because the company had stopped producing that CD or something. Oh well, I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the violin solo from Schindler's List. Ooh... haunting.

Friday, October 25, 2002

I have the office all to myself again! Whee! *spins round and round in the chair*

Actually I just took a short nap. I lack sleep ( big surprise, duh ), and I think I've managed to get to that point where the moment I close my eyes and lie back, my mind just runs away somewhere. That's because when I napped just now, I *know* I had this weird dreamy flashes. Very very fast dreams which drifted away like smoke the moment I woke up. And there were many of them. Yay, I'm seriously lacking sleep again.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am once again a licensed driver. My driver's license has finally been renewed after it expired on the ninth of October. This isn't that bad - last time, I was driving without a license for seven whole months of blissful ignorance. Hey, I didn't know we had to renew our licenses then. It's just another stupid money-making ploy to suck more money from the citizens. I do so protest ( mainly because I tend to forget )!

And now, the results for this week's poll are:

The Question: Fear is:
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. That which renders us helpless and immobile. (3)
2. A good motivational emotion which can be controlled. (4)
3. The mindkiller. (2)
4. What I live in everyday. (0)
5. Fear? What is fear? (1)

Well, at least no one lives in fear. Four thinks fear is good motivation, three gets caught like a deer in the headlights, two probably read Frank Herbert's Dune and one fellow here doesn't know what fear is. A person who doesn't know what fear is... I admire that.

This next poll is inspired by one of Joie's posts.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

A word about lack of sleep: It is not good.

I was napping away in the office when one of my colleagues decided to come back from lunch. I snapped awake at the sound of the keypad, and I think all that snapping awake has given me a headache. You try going from asleep to wide awake in a split-second. It's a bit disorientating, and I bet somewhere along the way, the brains shifted a little inside the skull. It's like one moment the head's in a reclined position, then less than a second later it's upright. The brains, which are still asleep, probably got left behind in the reclined position as sitting upright was a natural reaction to the sound of the keypad. One of these days, I'm going to get my brains turned upside down.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

On the Late Night Show with Nicholas Prose last night, I managed to breed white Bengal tigers, okapis and black leopards in Zoo Tycoon. Huz-zah! I'm the Breederman!

And today, I'm testing out my new underwear. Diesel, it says on the tag. Nothing to do with Vin Diesel or the type of gasoline used to power a diesel engine. It's just a brand name. I think it could be one size too small though, cause my balls feel like they're suffocating.

Testicles: *choke* *choke* Can't... breathe...
Me: Hold on, I'll go into the corridor and air you two.

The danger of being labeled a flasher should I get caught doing that is pretty high, which is why I go to the window by the stairs and air them. Fresh cool air from outside. As long as the guys don't decide to take a cigarette break, I'm happy, me ballies are happy and happy are those who have not seen and will probably never see.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I think I'm breeding worms in my stomach. After lunch yesterday, I was still hungry. After dinner last night, I was still hungry. After lunch today ( and I took a cup of Milo just to make sure that I would be full ), I was still hungry. My stomach's bloated up, but I doubt it's gas. More likely water ( to quell the hunger I drink lots of water ). Water, or lots of happy worms joyriding around the intestines. I don't feel sick or icky though. I just feel... hungry. And now that it's past 2pm, I also feel sleepy. So it's barely two hours after my Milo and plate of rice and vegetables lunch and I'm already hungry. I think it's obvious this little diet isn't going well.

Anyway, the admin lady Jenny is leaving soon. In her place is another lady called Connie. Before Jenny there was Rosie. After Connie leaves there will be admin ladies called Penny, Sandy, Sally, Andie, Debbie and Cindy. There will not be any admin ladies called Susan, Hannah, Rhonda, Joanne, Diane or Linda. Company policy, you see.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Along with Monday comes the usual bloat-o-rama which plagues me at the beginning of every week. Last night's double dinner with Von Darke, Maxwell Durnik and his girlfriend was a little too extravagant. The first part of the meal started in New Lane, where there were juicy fried oysters and a nice big piece of fried fish to the tune of RM15. All that in addition to our individual meals. I had the curry mee which used to cost RM1.20 back in the days when Saturday evenings meant church, dinner with my extended family and hopefully a free comic / storybook. It's now RM2.00 per bowl. A drizzle later chased us off to the sheltered Kimberley Cafe ( located in Kimberley Street ). There, we had satay and loh bak. All in all, a rather splendid dinner. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay for my gluttony in the toilet in the days to come. Ass-ripping good time, anyone?

Apart from the pain I've foreseen in the very near and dear future ( "OH! GOD!" *hits toilet walls in agony* ), it was nice meeting Maxwell and his girlfriend again. I used to eat lunch with this guy and two other folks five days a week so long ago. Ah, that was a time when I had lunch with actual people. I must be getting old, cause I think I miss those days. The chicken rice then was absolutely splendid, and the mee goreng with all the extra ingredients made life worth slogging through for just another day.

Toilet update: Thanks to Forlax, my last toilet trip just before lunch didn't turn out to be a hellish nightmare. But the stomach's still bloated though.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Empty shell, empty shell
Break the egg and go to hell.

A walk in the park in the dark on a lark gets you farked.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

All this restlessness I've been feeling has got to be building up to something. Otherwise, it's going to be rather anticlimactic. Imagine losing interest in everything piece by piece. One day, it's the books. The next day, it's the porn. Then... nothing happens. You just remain an empty shell for the rest of your life. No epiphany. No breakdown. No losing grip of reality ( although I have been seeing flashes of late ). Now that will really suck. I can't imagine having to feign interest in my work from now till the day I die. The tedium would drive me insane. And then when they throw me into the asylum with white walls, the tedium will drive me more insane than insane. All things considered, that should be a more cheerful experience than pretending to be working everyday.

Friday, October 18, 2002

It's a rather uneventful Friday. The week's work's been done and completed, and we met the deadline. And now I'm floating around waiting for something humongous in my mail to download. It's so big, it's taking up A LONG LONG TIME. This is the problem when your office colleagues stream music from the Internet. Anyways, on to the tallying of this week's vote:

The Question: What should we do to rapists?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. Jailed / whipped / fined. (1)
2. Raped in return with a hot poker. (4)
3. Painfully castrated. (0)
4. Given the DEATH PENALTY. (1)
5. All of the above. (3)

We're all for the pain. Rapists are scum. I'm scum too, but they're way scummier, on a whole new level which I can never hope to reach. I was telling Chris from Bentong that my fall from grace was never complete. I was once the law-abiding citizen, then somewhere along the line I fell and became more chaotic. But I never reached rock bottom. I was never fully pure undiluted scum. But rapists... they're truly scum. Full-on scum.

I'm not sure if jail-whip-fining them will work. I'm sure the hot poker treatment will either kill them, cure them of anymore ungodly thoughts or turn them into horrible beasts. Castration is a mite unfair, or is it? The death penalty could be heavy, but maybe it's not. But for some of those SCUM, we need ALL OF THE ABOVE. ALL OF THE ABOVE, YOU HEAR ME?

Thursday, October 17, 2002

You would think that the roads of Georgetown wouldn't be busy so close to midnight. Last night, the streets were low on zoomage and high on the crawlage factor. I was expecting the usual hellriders to be whizzing past me but nooo - I got stuck behind quite a few cars carrying full loads of passengers. Some of those passengers even peered at me. I was so tempted to wave back and wink. That's what happens when you have an espresso frappucino ( venti ) for dinner.

When I got back, the clothes hadn't been thrown into the washing machine yet ( big surprise ). Due to the coffee, the wait for the clothes to finish washing and the fact that some Indians downstairs were blaring out crap music, I ended up testing out stuff on my MUD. A bit about those Indians - they were on the ground floor. I live on the 18th floor. The sound was loud enough to bother me. I hope they got arrested or something.

Oh look, Joie awarded me the Weblogger With The Quickest Wit Award. That's awfully nice of her, and I'm not entirely sure I deserve that, but I'll just grin and happily accept it ( gimmegimmegimme ). Thanks, Joie :).

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Here I am, in the office again. Somehow, with a full stomach and more than enough sleep the night before, the cold doesn't seem to be affecting me as much as last night. Last night was BAD. I went home and had dinner past 10pm. That resulted in an increased intensity of the headache and a very very very uncomfortable stomach. So uncomfortable until I had to walk around the house like a zombie bumping into some piece of furniture every now and then. The discomfort subsided a little after I downed a glass of Eno, but I still went to sleep with that headache and a fear that I would wake up puking all over my bed. Aye, it was terrible.

Not so today. I think we could make the deadline. And to make up for the upset last night, I had a sandwich and an espresso frappucino from Starbucks. The frappucino will probably take effect just as I'm about to go to sleep tonight. But now that my hunger needs have been satisfied, I can concentrate on my job better. Even though it's... er... past 10pm again.

Plus points: Work virtually done, deadline can probably be met, no headaches ( woo-hoo! ).
Minus points: Couldn't go see Mich C tonight, probably can't sleep later, managers will make last minute changes tomorrow ( doh! ).

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

The cold... it presses down on the skull. I feel like a big invisible hand is squeezing my brains. Obviously, it's both painful and uncomfortable. But I'm still stuck in the office because a manager who, once again, doesn't know how to manage time decided that he wanted the world just this afternoon. I really hate it when they pull that off on us. They couldn't have decided on this LAST WEEK? They had to come to this decision like TWO FREAKING DAYS BEFORE IT'S NEEDED?

I've finally realized what makes a product bad - it's not the engineers, it's the damned managers. Managers who promise the client everything including the kitchen sink when their companies don't even deal with plumbing. Managers who think that everything is simple when they themselves don't even know what's going on. Managers who assume too much and end up landing the engineers into hot soup. Damnable managers. I wonder why they're even called managers in the first place.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Last Monday I was abjectly depressed. This Monday, I'm feeling sick and shitty. I have mucus running down all over my black shirt, and it shows. Whoever who had the idea of bombing those tourist spots in Bali did not help me feel better. In fact, my blood went chilly when I woke up and saw the headlines this morning. I find it tragic how we just can't stop going around killing each other. I mean, what did those poor folks in the nightspots do to deserve a fiery death? I myself don't like nightspots and I sure as heck don't approve of them, but I don't go around killing people who patronize such places, okay. I don't even destroy the establishments. The most I do is bitch about them.

Personally, I think these bombers, suicide and otherwise, are hitting the wrong people. At any rate, they managed to piss off Australia.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


God, this is one GOOD series. So far, I've only managed to watch the two-parter pilot ( which, er, was supposedly never screened ) and the first episode ( 'The Train Job' ), but I'm sold. I'm SOLD. Yes, I love Buffy. Yes, I love Angel. And only three episodes of Firefly and I'm already there with the cast of Firefly. It's like post American Civil War meets Wild West meets science fiction. A nine character main cast - the captain, the soldier, the mercenary, the pilot, the mechanic, the 'companion' ( high class prostitute heh heh ), the mercenary, the doctor and his little kid sister. Thing is, I couldn't really differentiate the six characters of Friends until a few episodes, and I already know who's who in Firefly after three episodes. Maybe I just like Joss Whedon's writing.

I'll be getting the DVDs for this series too. But wait, it's Fox. And the X-Files DVDs from Fox cost like USD100 each. Oh man...

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Ever had one of those days when you felt like the whole world was against you? This is one of those days for me. Not a kind word since morning, and even my computer decided to turn against me. I don't know if I would be feeling better had I not stayed back till nearly midnight in the office last night. Probably not, but you can never tell. Now I'm going to stop using the computer for awhile. This shitty inability to reinstall my older display drivers is killing me.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: What is the best remedy for mouth ulcers?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. Some wonder mouth ulcer drug / paste. (2)
2. Coffee powder. (0)
3. Lots of rest and water, cut down on the stress. (1)

Guess that most of us are suckers for punishment. Does anyone know how painful salt is? I especially love that squeezing feeling right after contact with salt - oh sweet pain how I love thee. And sometimes, the ulcer might even bleed. Of course, you could always apply that drug / paste thingy ( like two other folks who voted ) - it's usually rather painless, possibly offers a faster healing period and it's more than likely more expensive than salt. Or just be stoic about it and get more rest and water.

So the ulcer / tongue wound of mine has gone away, and I'm happily ingesting small amounts of fish curry everyday during lunch. Now that's occasion to be happy, except that I do still have to watch my food, else my ass gets ripped apart again by Painful Shit From Hell. It's curious, but I never really considered the fact that my stomach would be the source of so much hot stuff.

Elsewhere in Kajang, some sick shit threw a girl off a bridge before raping her at knifepoint. Read it online at The Star. So he causes her grievous injuries, violates her, robs her and then leaves her to die. I hope they catch the perp, throw him off abridge, cut off his dick and leave him there to die.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

It's been hectic. No wonder why my hair is turning white. One of the downpoints of not liking to stay back in the office is that you have to complete your job within the eight hours or so everyday. And when there's a looming deadline and a lot of work to be done... sigh. Sometimes, I feel like banging my head against the wall. Most times though, I feel like throwing a manager or two out of the 26th floor. Anyway, the office emptied itself en masse at 5.45pm this evening. It's probably the first time I felt connected to my colleagues.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Prosey croons:
Blue moon, you saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my owwwwwwwn...

I wish I could actually turn into a werewolf. Then I'll hop on a plane to Hong Kong and go spill some manager blood. What is it with managers and time management anyway? Why are managers known as managers when they can't even manage their own time? These questions and more plague my mind tonight. And might I say that some people's lack of faith in me is disturbing *heavy breathing, Force-grips some manager to death*.

Well, screw those Philistines.
‘Cause I got faith of the heart,
I’m going where my heart will take me,
I've got faith to believe,
And no one’s gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I got faith . . . faith of the heart.
*sound of the Enterprise going into warp*

Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - in case you ever need to use Internet Explorer 1.0. Or any other older versions of software such as WinAmp or Power Archiver.
The Manic Depression strikes back! And it took me LOW with a capital L-O-W yesterday. I think the fact that it was Monday along with the heat contributed to it - being in the Office From Hell ( heatwise ) pushed the already sad mood down to all the normal feelings of uselessness and depression. Come to think about it, they're not all that normal after all, cause the Dark Side hasn't been so strong for such a long time. Thank God for Chris ( of Bentong fame ) - he pulled me out of that slump with some philosophical discussions about God. I don't think it's over though. I nearly burst out into song while walking from my car into the office this morning ( manic ), but that could have just been an oversaturation of the songs from the Buffy musical.

Monday, October 07, 2002

One, or maybe more, of the air-conditioners in the office broke down. It is now uncomfortably warm and disturbing. There's like this layer of heat all over the body. I know it's raining outside cause I just had my lunch in the shop downstairs but inside the office, it feels like a microwave on reheat. The terrible warmth has probably seeped into my head too, cause I feel another headache coming on. These headaches, by the way, are getting too frequent for comfort. I don't know what it heralds - the last time I had a spate of headaches, I ended up wearing spectacles. Multiple headaches are never a good sign.

The Chinese economy rice shop has closed for the week due to the vegetarian season ( all nine days of them ). I ended up trying the Malay nasi kandar stall ( the only other stall in the place apart from the drinks stall ), but instead of rice, I opted for a plate of beehoon and some egg. They were nice and tasty at RM2. The fish curry which I not-so-generously splattered around my beehoon was spicy but nice, reminding me of a roti canai stall along Anson Road which has closed down a long time ago. I miss that stall, and especially the fish curry there.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

It's not even noon and the day is already turning out to be one of them BAD DAYS. After only five hours of sleep, my sister woke me up to fetch her to tuition again. I woke up tired, cause I was really hoping to get at least eight hours. And when I got back, some lorry buying old mattresses ( or possibly selling new mattresses ) made its rounds, with the idiot driver pressing on the horn A LOT. Heck, that was 10am and it's already past 11.30am and he's STILL DOING IT. At 11am just now, my father decided to inform me that I was the one who was going to fetch my sister home, even though I already asked him to fetch her earlier when he asked me. And now my bladder is full and he's washing the toilet. This is one of those days that can really push me over the edge.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Kenny Rogers at Prangin Mall suffers from bad food and bad service. Mich C and I went there with the Simoniac after bumping into him at Prangin Mall, and God, their macaroni and cheese has really gone down the drain - it tastes like plain macaroni with some diluted cheese sauce. And they managed to forget Mich C's Coke and screw up the Simoniac's order BIG TIME.

Now I've just eaten a papaya which is around two weeks old, and I think I'm going to go puke later. Or maybe shit out watery stuff. Urgh.

Friday, October 04, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: Is sleeping in the office an honourable pastime?
Total number of votes: 7

Vote breakdown:
1. It's okay if you're tired and you've no work. (3)
2. Only during lunch. (1)
3. No, you'll be cheating your employers. (2)
4. Pastime? Sleep's what I do in the office. (1)

It's okay if you're tired and you've no work. (3)
This really works, you know. No work, go sleep instead of eating up the company's bandwidth and downloading porn. When work comes, you'll be all fresh and ready to take on the world. Sadly, most employers are not that understanding. They see a sleeping employee, that poor chap's probably fired soon regardless of whether that employee had work or not at that time. But for the three folks who voted for it - you understand the concept of a regenerative productive workplace.

Only during lunch. (1)
I think that if an employee wants to sleep during lunch, there shouldn't be a problem with it. My managers back in eBX were pretty okay with it. In fact, at least one was happier with me sleeping than me playing Quake 2 against the other guys in the department. So whoever who voted for this, we're in this together, choomba.

No, you'll be cheating your employers. (2)
This boils down to whether you're happy with your employers or not. Personally, I don't think this is too big a deal, especially if you followed Choice No. 3 and applied the formula LunchTime = PrivateTime. Unless, of course, you two are pretty conscientious folks.

Pastime? Sleep's what I do in the office. (1)
If you - the one person who believe in this - actually manage to do this in a workplace where you're employed... damn you lucky bastard. To date, only the Simoniac has managed to pull this one off with incredible results ( sleeping at work and getting richer at the same time ), but not anymore.

Okay, I'm pretty cranky as I just went through a short period of unsleep ( the kind where you close your eyes in the office but can't sleep ) during lunch. Add in a a bad headache, a persistent ulcer which refuses to go away and a tongue wound which seems to have festered into an ulcer and... aaaargh.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Happiness is not the bitten tongue ( again ) and that ulcer on my lower lips. I really need to stop biting my tongue when I'm eating. Even the papayas taste painful. Heck, the soup bites into the wound. Maybe the lady shouldn't have put so much pepper into it. Urgh, the horrors of a wounded tongue. This is twice in a year, and I've had years where I never even bit my tongue once. I've also forgotten my handphone twice in two days ( had to go up to the flat again to get it )... this lack of sleep is getting to me.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I really appreciate how my managers love to send me things in the middle of the week and expect them done 'by the end of this week'. There should be a 7-day rule for the stupid stuff I'm supposed to do for them. At any rate, I'm aching to leave the office now, but I've a 5MB file to send to some folks somewhere, and the line has gone pretty slow for no apparent reason. Someone's probably streaming Internet music or something. Scum!

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

The Telekom guys came today to fix my Streamyx line. I'm going to be a hundred RM or so poorer every month, but hey, at least I'm broadband. Or, given TMNet's track record, perhaps semi-broadband. Von Darke, Hel and the Simoniac turned up for an impromptu download party before we adjourned to KFC for dinner. The signs are good, but not for my wallet. Not with this drain every month.

Monday, September 30, 2002

Not surprisingly, it's Monday and I'm lacking sleep. On a rather large scale. I'm sleepy, aye, and I couldn't sleep during lunch today cause our managers decided to forgo their return to Hong Kong and instead stayed on in Penang. So now, boy am I sleepy. I can feel my brain cells dropping dead from the lack of rest. I didn't know that was possible, but seeing that I just mumbled out a string of incomprehensible nonsense to my manager - nonsense which, I would like to point out, is getting increasingly incomprehensible - I think there might be a certain validity to that fact.

I just realized that I had three different vegetables for lunch and no meat whatsoever. The thought seems queerly revolting to me, especially now that I'm having a Belch-&-Burp marathon due to all that excess air in my stomach.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

I slept at 3.30am and was dragged out of bed at 8.20am this morning by my 'orrible little sister. She takes sadistic delight in getting me to fetch her to Add Maths tuition early on a Sunday morning. I swear that woman's heartless. And she's only 16.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I am now in possession of a CD burner. The world shall fear me. For now I have the means to conquer it.

Well actually, when Hel, Von Darke ( William ), the Simoniac, Julian, Mich C and I went to KOMTAR's geodesic dome today for the computer fair organized by Canon, world domination sort of eluded me when the Simoniac pointed out that the only CD-Rs that they were selling ( Duraplus ) were bad CD-Rs. We ended up going to another shop in Prangin Mall to buy a stack of 100 CD-Rs. Perhaps this 'take over the world with a single CD burner' idea needs to be reviewed a little bit more.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: What is a cucumber best used for?
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. For food, duh. (3)
2. Removing those rings around your eyes. (3)
3. Cheap dildos. (1)
4. Cheap dildos, and THEN as food. (3)

Yes, the basic perception of a cucumber is food. Choppity chop, and it's ready to eat. Or just stuff it into your mouth and bite the tip off. That seems to work for three of those who voted. Personally, I only like cucumbers after they've been diced to itsy-bitsy bits. Another three voters are into the vanity scene, slicing cucumbers to place on their eyes. I don't know for sure if it works, but you can never tell, eh?

One enterprising voter takes to the other direction and believes that a cucumber is best used as a cheap dildo. I myself tend to agree with this - if you're careful, you can see middle-aged housewives looking wistfully at cucumbers in the supermarkets. It's interesting, really, to speculate about their sex lives at home.

The final three voters went for the cheap dildo THEN food option. Well, power to you, my friends. You truly know how to enjoy those little things in life.

And now, on to the next poll.
Day Five of training and I have the whole office to myself. My colleagues are out to celebrate the farewell of the guy who's rendered me lots of help ( what's there to celebrate? I'm depressed as hell ). The bosses are out to have lunch with our trainer. So here I am again. Alone. Watching the office. By choice. After a hearty meal of fried rice, a fried egg and about a quarter of a papaya.

And why didn't I join them for lunch? It's not that I want to stay in the office and jack off all over their keyboards ( though the thought did cross my mind ). I guess it's due partly to my anthropophobia and social phobia - too many disasters ( many thanks to those few people I call my friends ) have rendered me a social catatonic, and now I avoid people like the plague.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Day Four of training and I can SO do without my CTO in the conference room with me. I mean, it's lunchtime! Go get a life already, man! Go out and eat something! But nooo, he has to get someone to buy food back to the office for him, eat on MY table - and that REALLY pisses me off, really - and then sit in the conference room. With me. So I end up not being able to sleep now. Therefore, grrr.

This morning, I ate three currypuffs. Of the RM1 variety which contains chicken and God knows what other strange meats inside. It was nice, but it was also too much. So much that I had to forgo my usual vegetable-laden rice and settle for a diminished plate of fried rice instead. Which is still a lot, and that is why I am so sleepy now. Mucho food + air-conditioned room = sleepiness.

Your magical style is Magus.

What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Day Three of training and I'm feeling so sleepy. I blame last night's excursion to One-Stop. My shopping list included a bottle of Panadol for the house, Bradygames' Warcraft 3 Strategy Guide, the Sims' Living Large expansion, Zoo Tycoon's Dino Digs expansion and a marble cheesecake for my sister. Once I got the Dino Digs expansion, it was straight home for some egg-hatching and dino havoc action that lasted until 12.45am. Of course, I'm quite fortunate as it is. Some of my colleagues stayed overnight in the office to finish up something, and now they're all red-eyed and zombie-ish. If this goes on long enough ( which won't happen, cause everything should be done by today ), I'll be working in the Office of the Living Dead soon. Gaaa...

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Day Two of training and I've finally moved my PC into the conference room. There's something really ominous about sitting at the head of the conference table and typing away. Sure, it instills that sense of superiority, but any delusions of grandeur are quickly swept away by the presence of my CTO. The only reason why I got the head of the table is because I was the first to cart in my PC. Well yay, I get a nice view of the board without having to twist my neck at all. And maybe I won't come down with a headache like last night again.

I bought Zoo Tycoon last night. You manage a zoo in that game. I think I want to cut down on those games where you go around killing people. For the moment, at least. I had Icewind Dale 2 installed, but I got sick of it. So now I play family-oriented games like Zoo Tycoon. The only violence you'll ever get in the game is when you throw the leopard into the same cage as the more docile herbivores - the leopard will chase it, a cloud will appear. Two animals enter, one animal leaves.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Day One of training and I feel like roadkill already. And I've still got the afternoon session to go! Perhaps late nights do not work well with bladder-bursting training sessions. I think I slept while I was wide awake a few times - I'm pretty much in a terrible blur here. Personally, I would very much prefer to go off somewhere quiet and be left alone to code. I never liked these 'many people in one room trying to learn something technical' ideas. I'm not a people person after all.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Lunch has been a rather dismal affair these past two days. Two... er, Trakinas chocolate biscuits with strawberry cream. Oh, they taste nice, but it's hardly enough. I mean, we're talking TWO ( not twenty ) biscuits. For lunch. Even after a rather hearty meal of roti canai along with the beef and teh tarik, these biscuits can't keep me going for the rest of the day until dinner. Which is why I was practically starving last night when Von Darke and I waited for the Simoniac to finish doing whatever he was doing to Julian ( Von Darke's neighbour ). Which is why I'll probably die when I stay back a bit later tonight. Yes, I'm in the office again as we gear up for the final round of debugging. I lack sleep, I'm hungry and all I want to do right now is go home and walk around the house listlessly until dinnertime decides to come around. And that stupid Hel from Hell had to taunt me about how her good friend is working today because she gets paid OT ( while I'm not ), right before she laughed her head off in ICQ. Yup, people just love to be mean. Nothing like putting someone down to bring your spirits up.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

A lovely rainy Saturday spent in the office. We're still facing Deadline: Sunday, an event of apocalyptic connotations. Personally, I don't think we're going to make it. But what the heck, I love tearing other people's codes apart. The fact that I actually have to come back to the office is a real bummer though. With Mich C back in Ipoh ( and quite asleep too ), Von Darke back in Penang ( decomposing quite nicely while out shopping for a new monitor ) and the Simoniac doing what all simoniacs do on Saturdays, I was thinking of taking some time off to read Ed Greenwood's second book of the Shadow of the Avatar trilogy - Cloak of Shadows. No such luck though.

Just before the rain this morning, after I dropped my little sister ( who's as old as Buffy was when she first went to Sunnydale ) off to school, I went to my favourite roti canai stall to have two roti canais, a nice soft chunk of beef and a glass of teh tarik. This and the bak kut teh I had with the Simoniac last night will probably end my life, but I'm counting on laxatives to keep my ass intact. Anyway, I was eating when my uncle came by. We ended up discussing about the sorry state of the job market today. After a rather lengthy discourse on my former company ( he was the company owner's driver for 3 months before he handed in his 24-hour notice ), I paid for breakfast and went back home for a nice shit while he went off to fetch his wife my aunty from the market. It was a normal Saturday breakfast. To think that aeons ago, I used to eat breakfast with them every Saturday morning. Rather poignant from a certain point of view, seeing how things have changed so much since then.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: The Simoniac photographing Pauline while she's bathing is:
Total number of votes: 8

Vote breakdown:
1. A most horrendous crime! (0)
2. A stroke of voyeuristic genius. (1)
3. I don't care what it is, just post the pictures up already. (7)

Like me, most of us who voted are voyeurs. I won't say that the seven folks who voted for Pauline's bathing pics to be posted up are perverted. As Von Darke once said:

"Pauline is... Pauline's beautiful, Prosey. Perfection in this flawed world that we live in."

That's when he broke down crying and started asking God "Why, damn You, WHY?". But I digress. The point is, you can't label a person who wants to look at beautiful things perverted. A voyeur, perhaps, cause she was soaping her breasts or something else in the shower. But a pervert? I thinketh not.

Kudos to the person who voted that this was a stroke of voyeuristic genius. Indeed it was. I appreciate a person who recognizes a good plan when he/she/it sees one. For the rest of us connoisseurs of fine art though, SIGH. The Simoniac's hectic workdays are preventing him from going about this operation, although he can still find time to sip cheap port. Also, Von Darke is BACK ( supposedly ). So had the pictures been taken, posting them up would be tantamount to me and the Simoniac signing our death warrants. Perhaps some other time. When Von Darke runs away elsewhere for a permanent head damage or something.

Until then, true believers, we'll all just have to wait. Oh look, next poll's up.
I've got training next week! Actually, I'm not really looking forward to an entire week of being cooped up in an extremely cold and small room with a bunch of people. It's small enough for me to feel cramped, especially since we'll have computers all over the place, but it's big enough so that everyone has an equal opportunity to die of frostbite. And since everyone here has skin as thick as a rhino's hide, I think I'm going to get my ass frozen off.

So I downloaded a few Iron Maiden songs to listen. They're not too bad, as long as you don't turn the volume up too high. I wonder why my relatives ( uncles, aunties, cousins ) keep telling me that Iron Maiden is satanic. Oh wait, they're my relatives. They think the Spice Girls are THE DEVIL, and that roleplaying is how you get involved with the occult. Now that I walk around clad entirely in black ( everyday at work ), listen to Iron Maiden, view porn and generally detest people, I guess it won't be long before they brand me a Devil worshipper. Oh boy, are those Satanists going to be really insulted.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Deadline Sunday. Not my deadline, but my colleagues still want me to test stuff out. And I'm actually quite happy to test stuff out. There's nothing like finding problems with software someone you know coded. I admit it's a little cruel, heh heh, but better I find them than our customer. The only thing I don't like is having to stay back late *grumble*. I was at work until midnight last night, after which I went home pretty much your average mindless zombie. Complete with 'Gaaa...'s and semi-purposeless shuffling.

Last night's dinner was at McDonald's, after a mooncake delivery to Mich C. The guy serving me had a big nose. A younger guy standing in the line next to me had a big nose too. And standing in line in the line next to the younger guy standing in the line next to me but on the other side of the line ( not my line, that is ) was a lady with a big nose.

Serving Guy
( big nose)
Serving Girl
( no big nose )
Serving Guy
( no big nose )

Customer|Guy with big nose|Customer
Customer|Customer|Lady with big nose

That's roughly how Big-Nosed Night at McD's looked like at the queue. Well the big-nosed serving guy knew the big-nosed guy in the queue, so at least it wasn't that Twilight Zone-ish.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

The Story of Valdermain:

Valdermain was every man's best friend. He was kind-hearted, polite and always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. One day, while Valdermain was walking down a road, a car hit him. The unfortunate man flew off the road and into a large drain, where he hit his head on the side and drowned in the flowing sewage. The end.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Yesterday afternoon, the fruit seller from whom I buy slices of papayas from daily returned after nearly two weeks of absence. He told me that the Rove Beetle got him, and then proceeded to point to the dark patches on his face and left armpit. I must admit, it looked pretty nasty, especially when he said that it felt like his skin was burnt. So begins my daily two slices again, something to keep those stools coming out of me relatively soft.

For dinner, my father and I tried out this vegetarian restaurant along Macalister Road. I didn't think that the chicken, fish, steak or fishball was any good, but the squid was INCREDIBLE. Neither of us could figure out if the pieces of squid we were eating were real or fake. In the end, we asked the lady whom we suspect to be the proprietor and she told us that it was made out of some sea plant. Most impressive, although I didn't really like the lady. She kept on giving us these sideways glances that were really sinister.

Later that night, my father made banana-papaya juice for me. It was incredibly thick, and full of natural sweetness. My father didn't even want to touch it though. At first glance, it did look a little bit like thick sludge. Whatever the case, it helped me shit very nicely this morning. One hell of a payload for the toiletbowl, I say.

Once again, I couldn't sleep well last night. Twist and turn, even though I was tired and sleepy. To prevent me from dying at work today, I've had lots of coffee, both in the morning and right after lunch. Good thing I have papayas and bananas aplenty to prevent me from shitting hot rocks again.

Monday, September 16, 2002

When I woke up this morning, I found my two pieces of custard invaded by an army of ants. The small red kind which has taken up residence in my house of late. I was, of course, not amused. Not amused at all. So I tied up the plastic bag a few times to make sure that they couldn't escape. And then I dumped it away. Now, I'm pretty sure that they'll get away after awhile - these ants are pretty slippery characters - so I'm still kicking myself for not letting loose with Shelltox. Semi-suffocation is not enough for denying me my custards and forcing me to resort to Julie's Cheese Biscuits.

Anyway, the weekend is over and I feel fat, as usual. All that rich food from last week has been converted to fat, and now I look like a guy with a big potbelly. Hideous, really. Tried to admire my naked self in the mirror this morning but tragically, the bulging stomach obscured much.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Too much sleep = not good

I think I clocked a total of 9 hours of sleep, and now I feel weary, sleepy and the desire to crawl back into bed and hibernate for the rest of the day. The fact that it has been raining doesn't really help me stay awake either. But with that much of sleep after a week of 6 - 7 hours of sleep each night, I can't sleep anymore. All I'll probably achieve back on my pillow is a few minutes of tossing and turning before it's back to wandering around the house like a zombie. Gaaaaaaaa..

Saturday, September 14, 2002

My sister, the Simoniac and I watched Pulp Fiction tonight. The Simoniac left halfway to go find a chick with a potbelly ( what a weirdo ), but my sister and I watched the movie to the end. My sister watching it till it was over was sort of the surprise for me, although given her liking for Four Rooms, it shouldn't have been. She thought that Pulp Fiction was good - funny, even - and now we're waiting for Jackie Brown ( which I've watched before but didn't really like ). At the moment, she's watching From Hell ( voted Movie of the Year 2001 ). And I think she'll like it too. Although it does lack the profanities which Pulp Fiction has in abundance.

Friday, September 13, 2002

The Simoniac - A stolid individual with iron testicles. Tougher than an enraged elephant on steroids, hardier than Bruce Willis in 'Armageddon', a whole lot more real than that pussy Adam King.

Pauline - The Pearl of the Pearl of the Orient. Her Most Glorificus One, the Jewel of Saint Xavier's Institution's Upper 6 Science 1 1996/1997, once property of William Von Darke ( but she somehow slipped away... sigh ).

*gasps of disbelief all around*

Uh, that's the new poll by the way.
Vote results:

The Question: What are your thoughts on masturbation?
Total number of votes: 14

Vote breakdown:
1. 7 times a day, 7 days a week. (10)
2. Masturbation's for the desperate who can't get any sex. (1)
3. I'm above such a vulgar practice. (0)
4. Masturbation is THE DEVIL! (3)

This proves one thing which I have always been telling everyone - people do know how to pleasure themselves. I mean seriously, apart from that realist / smug lucky bastard who chose Choice No. 2 and the three religious fanatics down over at Choice No. 4 ( I hope you 3 folks don't watch the World Cup, cause football is THE DEVIL too ), we have quite the merry collection of self-lovers here. Which is a good thing. Not everyone gets to get laid all the time. Some of us less fortunate ones who are cursed with complex principles don't even get to have any sex until marriage. Some of us might not even get to have sex at all *ouch*. I know that life doesn't just revolve around sex... who am I kidding, life DOES revolve around sex. Otherwise, the whole world wouldn't be overpopulated today.

Anyhow, masturbation is GOOD. It's the premier sexual activity for the human who doesn't have another partner to turn the sheets sticky with. It's also the safest sex known to be practised throughout the whole world. If more people were open about masturbation, the world would be a better place. There will be less sexual repression, and we could maybe even lower the rate of unwanted births. This is due to the decreased horniness of everyone in general, thus reducing the tendency and necessity of them jumping on the nearest member of the opposite sex to hump away. It is, I must insist, not a waste of semen and lubricant fluids. Think of it as getting to know one's self better while at the same time contributing to keeping the world population down. And of course, probably an easy ( and cheap ) way of satisfying yourself sexually.

No, I'm not dissing humans. It's a celebration of sexuality :P. And the song below celebrates masturbation ( to the tune of 'Macarena' ).


( shamelessly ripped off the Internet )

Sitting in my house and I know that I'm alona,
Feeling kinda horny, got a gingle in my bona,
Go and grab a penthouse it's the one with Sharon Stona,
Hey Masturbata

I go a little faster and it's feeling kind of nicea,
Once is not enough so I have to do it twicea,
Wanna spank the monkey I can give you good advicea,
Hey Masturbata

I use some baby oil or a little vaselina,
Laying down a towel so I keep my carpet cleana,
Never shake my hand cos you don't know where it's beena,
Hey Masturbata

I do it in the car when I'm driving down the streeta,
One hand on the wheel and the other on my meata,
I can't get out the car cos I'm sticking to the seata,
Hey Masturbata

Since I was a kid I have been a mastubater,
Choke the chicken, hum the knob, squeeking the tomata,
I've looked at miss November, now I'm gonna decorata,
Hey Masturbata!


Okay, so I'm feeling a little nostalgic. All this talk of touching yourself has brought back memories of one Gregory North and this little song which he forwarded to a bunch of us so long ago, so I decided to stick it right in this post. It's all over the Internet anyway.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

I went out with Mich C today for lunch. It was a two hour lunch. That's why I'm still in the office now to make up for that extra hour. Well, I'm not going to be totally honest though. I plan to leave at 6.45pm, and state that I came back from lunch at 1.45pm. If I told the truth and wrote down 2pm, I would have to go home at 7pm. And I don't want to do that. I would just love to fudge the time until I came back at 1.30pm, but that's a little bit too much, and people will probably realize that I'm really bending time.

At the moment, I get to blog, maybe work on some parts of my area design for my MUD ( for ONE LAST NIGHT AT THE OPERA, BAYBEE ) and correspond with my managers, some of whom I would really like to throw off the top floor of a skyscraper. Some other managers amaze me though - they can talk on both their office and mobile phones at the same time. I know they talk a lot, but this is ridiculous. They should use a conference phone for that.

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