Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I finished reading Stephen King's Dreamcatcher last weekend. It was good - I kind of like the way King blended horror together with a little scifi. I also like the part where the story dealt with a large piece of land with overreaching consequences - I never liked Misery ( two persons in a cabin ), while Salem's Lot ( a whole small town ) is a favourite. This is one of those stories where many, many people's lives are affected ( oh... SO affected ), but what shines through it all is the old childhood friend formula. That part with the Standpipe brought back really fond memories of It, heh heh. Nice touch there, as both stories involve characters who have been friends for a long time.

It's a book about aliens, old friends and one amazing character who brought said friends together ( okay, I bought into the Duddits thingy myself - fit neek? ). I didn't really find that amazing character that amazing, but I especially favoured the play between the four boys. It still ranks above this one, though.

Next Stephen King book on my list... I'm going to hit the biggest one of them all. Say hello to The Stand.

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