Friday, January 25, 2002

I love the smell of fresh teh tarik in the afternoon. It smells of... lack of creamer for the coffee. Anyway, that's behind us now ( I'm above bitching about creamer too much anyway - it's sissy-ish ), so let's recap the week:
  1. Suicide binge
    Long time fiends of mine will recognize this as my equivalent to women's pre-menstrual syndrome, with the exception of mine happening every few months or so. Oh, and I don't bleed for days without dying.
  2. Bleedy ass
    Okay, so I bled this time. Due to pieces of shit with dimensions which would have put entire continents to shame coming out of my asshole. Hey, you would have bled too. We're not talking large but comfortably squeezable turds here. We're talking hard, uncompromisingly rock solid bastards with maybe some nuts(?) poking out of them. Lordy Lord, those nuts must have shredded everything in contact with them on their way out.
  3. Lack of sleep
    Been sleeping six hours for every night now. From 1am to 7am. It's not very healthy.
  4. Girlfriend in US
    At least my darling sent me some pictures of her, and I do get to hear her voice over the phone occasionally. That doesn't make it okay, of course. I still want her in at least the same country as me.
  5. Buffy
    The Complete Season 1 DVDs. To read make our speaking English better. Remember that.
  6. Taiwanese politics starring Ms. Chu Mei-Fong
    I knew from the clip I got earlier that one camera angle was bad. The problem with spycams is that you get lousy picture and no closeups. The lesson here: Taiwanese voyeur flicks are never as good as people say they are.
And that ends the weekly for the week. Next week, if we're lucky, we might get another suicide binge. Yeah baybee yeah.

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