Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Stupor! I must be getting old, cause 6 hours of sleep is no longer enough. Well, it's never been enough, come to think about it.

Anyway, here's another meaningless rant to break the silent block which has plagued me ever since... *sob* my girlfriend left for California. Yes, she'll be there for 3 whole months. Oh man, I'm in agony. This is painful.

To ease the pain, my Buffy Complete Season 1 DVDs has arrived. Yay. I get to see Ms. Gellar in miniskirts and even a cheerleading outfit. To offset that, meal allowances in my company has been reduced to RM5 from RM8 ( that's what you get when you stay back and do some overtime ), and retrenchment is ever a closer reality. In fact, some suspect our retrenchment might be our Chinese New Year present from the owner of the company.

Now what kind of sick bastard would do that to his fellow humans?

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