Sunday, March 17, 2002

Capsule movie reviews!

Yes, the Simoniac told me it was a B-grade movie. Yes, Durnik Maxwell pointed out that he had never heard of it before. Pei Ling agreed that it was a B-grade movie ( after seeing the pictures on the Net ). But did they stop me from catching the first afternoon screening of Dagon on Saturday? No. Because Dagon is actually The Shadow Over Innsmouth with a different location ( set in Spain ), and boy, was it a good watch. Okay, not exactly, but close enough. Maybe I'm a sucker for anything H. P. Lovecraft. Maybe the idea of slimy tentacles is pretty appealing. Who the hell cares, I love the movie and if anyone sees the DVD lying around - tell me.

Dagon starts off with a storm assailing a ship. The ship gets stuck on a rock, one of the four passengers gets injured and two of the younger ones go to a nearby village for help. From the start, you'll get that feeling that there is something interminably wrong with the villagers. The story unfolds quite nicely from there. If you've ever read The Shadow Over Innsmouth, you'll marvel at how well the village was recreated. I thought it was fabulous. The boarded up windows and the constant rain was a really really nice touch.

As usual, the censorship board was hard at work on the movie ( probably some nudity snipped off, along with scenes of demon sex ). Their amateur efforts at film editing proved irritating as usual, especially with the sound cuts. Again crops up the eternal question: Why bother putting in ratings if you intend to cut off chunks of the movie anyway? Might as well slap a U rating on every movie screened on the cinema.

I'm just a little disappointed that no one I know would have appreciated the movie like I did.

Dragon Knight 4
What started out as curiosity to see if this was anything like Dragon Knight 3 the PC game ( by the way, it is ) ended with me falling in love with the story. The idea of the main hero travelling back in time to help his younger self win a war is like... wow. The story was pretty epic, although I think that the protagonist's one girl an episode ( 4 episodes in all ) made him out to be an asshole of sorts. I could have lived without the hentai scenes. In fact, had to actually turn down the volume a bit. Those moaning scenes might have turned some heads had anyone passed by my house. In a way, it kind of cheapened the protagonist.

But the story! The story! My heart did a little twitch everytime the protagonist saw his younger self and his younger girlfriend doing the courtship thingy. Aww, it was so sweet. And the fighting scenes were cool too. Instead of your usual party, they were bringing an entire army to do battle with the main bad guy. Not to mention lots of dragons.

Sigh. It was probably the best watch of the day, even better than Dagon.

Note: The capsule review of The Time Machine would have been here too, but for my Big Brother duties. Had to fetch my little sister around as usual.

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