Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Everybody's feeling down today. Everybody in my department that is. The one and only Gregory North aka 'Computer Component Melter' was feeling so low, he hopped over to my place, usurped Pei Ling's chair and discussed life and death with me and the ever happy Hock Zoon. Hock Zoon was so depressed he came over to my place and discussed life and death with me and the one and only Gregory North. Pei Ling was so out of character she displayed a never-seen-before side of her which hinted at the hidden levels of leadership within her. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon she sure is. However, she still ran away when the one and only Gregory North shooed her off when he commandeered her chair away for our life and death discussion.

And *I* feel down and depressed too. I realize I should never make friends with so many people. That's why I live such a solitary life, surrounded by a small - very small - group of friends, most of whom I meet only on the Internet. Sentimentality is not good. It worked so well back in Motorola - the cold, quiet chap with ice flowing in the veins. But sigh... solitude is good company, but it's also quiet company. After awhile, even the most brooding among us all must return friendship, especially if friendship has been given freely.

Sigh, sigh and yet more sighs.

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