Friday, March 22, 2002

The first Spycraft RPG session was held tonight. de Simoniac, acting as an Agent of the Vatican, helped some deviant Buddhist monks keep their appointments with God in his search for the Writings of St. Jonas. In retrospect, my inexperience as a GM turned the game session into literal bloodfest. Lots of guns, lots of bullets, monks with quarterstaves getting their brains blown off ( and weirdly, only their brains and nothing else )... typical action movie stuff. When my Call of Cthulhu campaign book comes in, de Simoniac will get to do more thinking.

Work was surreal. Everyone asked me if today was my last day. Damned manager must have told the whole world that today would be my last day or something. Even Gregory North was ATNoting me about last days. CoolChique was nice enough to give me legal advice. Pei Ling already knew the my masterplan to make them let me stay on, which I unveiled to her when I fetched her back last night.

And then suddenly my last day at the company is last Thursday again. The nice HR lady who started the whole thing was nice enough to inform me about it, but my manager was strangely angered, and went on about how she would have let me go if the choice had been up to her. The thing is, both of them already knew that I was going to leave on the 28th. I don't know why it was brought up again and dropped without any active action from me. I sense something else going on which I'm not aware of, judging from the smirk on the HR lady's face and my manager's suddenly bad mood. I suddenly feel so... so used.

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