Sunday, March 31, 2002

Happy Easter, everybody.

The day starts off with one of those pseudo-nightmares. This one could only be called 'Return To eBX', because that was precisely where I was. My whole department was there - Pei Ling managing to look sad, Greg North being as morose as ever, happy Allan and Chian Hwa, weeping Jane ( because they suspended the module we were working on before we left ) and so on.

As in dreams, the scenery was significantly altered. Not so much that the place was unrecognizable, but enough that I just *knew* something was different. I think the building's interior looked more like my science labs back in Form 6, except for the people and the furniture. It was disturbing, like something out of Lovecraft's stories. In fact, it felt like last Friday ( the day I took leave instead of making it my last day at work ). But yet again, I felt like I was just visiting them.

Because just as soon as I got the latest updates from Pei Ling and went to see Jane about the suspension of the module ( I have this absurd sense of responsibility over the code I write ), they started clearing the middle section of the room ( which would be impossible in real life ), and then most of them went out to play in the rain. This would have been fine, but for the fact that we were supposed to be one floor above the ground, and I think those people left by the windows. I could still see them outside though. I'm not sure if they were floating or something.

Nonplussed with the events, I decided to leave. The exit was located on the other side of the building where the real exit was supposed to be ( mirror-imaged ). I went down the steps, and bumped into a woman in her forties/fifties near a pink umbrella ( although there was no rain there ). We were cordial about it - I suspect that she was the big boss' sister or something. But when I told her that I had already resigned, she got all hostile and started lecturing me while we took a walk through a very barren and disturbing landscape next to the company building. That ended in her office when some guy came in, presumably to get something signed while she was still lecturing me. And then something else came into the room. Something dangerous. And the dream ended with us all running away from it ( there was a nightmarish chase involved ). I never did get a good look at whatever it was. I only knew that I would have really big life-and-death issues if it caught me.

A creepy start to Easter and my new job tomorrow? Who knows? As the day ripens and the dream slowly fades, the apprehension I woke up with is disappearing. Oh well. At least this is a novel way to kick off Easter.

And so, Happy Easter, everybody.

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