Thursday, March 21, 2002

Hurray. Rain. It's still hot though. Maybe I should air the room. Feels like an oven in here. Rain usually follows bad news. It's like in the movies. You get the bad news, and then it starts pouring.

Pauline: "I'm leaving you, Willy! I'm leaving you and I'm never coming back!"
Willy: "Pauline! NOOOOOO!"
Cue rain.

Well, the news I got wasn't bad. It was more of a threat, actually. Manager came up to me all cheery ( which, as I explained to Greg North once, is a bad thing ) and went on and on about how I have FIVE MORE DAYS of earned leave and why don't I just burn them all by taking next week off? I nearly told her to go stuff her head up my department manager's ass because everyone's aware that I have that many days of leave yet. Management probably bitched because they're too stingy to pay me for my earned leave. Well I earned those days, damnit. I earned those days. And I'll take it if I want to take it. Or if they can force me to take it legally.

That put a damper into the day. And then, just as I was about to leave the office to drop Pei Ling off at the jetty ( some weird pain feelings in her right eye ), that so-called team leader of mine told me that I forgot to throw some exceptions. This after a whole day of ignoring me while the team prepped for QA. This after telling my manager that the team didn't need me anymore. Well, good thing I'm leaving this hellhole. People have a way of reminding you they're just a bunch of jackasses the moment you start believing that they might be decent folks after all.

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