Thursday, March 28, 2002

I guess the worst is over. It's been a long day, with a gift exchange, a really weird final lunch guest-starring my old friend Tupai Tan Hock Zoon, an almost lethal encounter with the office's extremely cuckoo paper shredder ( damn near shredded my fingers it did ), two press releases - one internal, one external - to inform people of my departure from the company, a lot of people helping me countdown to the time I left the office doors for good and Gregory North being nice enough to bring his girlfriend ( back from Singapore at the moment ) to say goodbye to me. To compound matters, today was the season 1 finale of Roswell. Oh spare me the agony, the last scene was a little heart-wrenching, especially after everything today.

And how do I feel now? With sad depressing songs playing on WinAmp, I've got to admit that I'm feeling... utterly miserable.

I'm not unflappable, you know. I... flap. Damn, something in my eye. Damnable eyelashes...

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