Sunday, March 10, 2002

Le Pacte des Loups.

If there was ever a reason to take up French, this is it. Known as Brotherhood of the Wolf in English, it's the story about some great beast terrorizing a French countryside in those pre-Revolution days. Boasting really cool fighting scenes, beautifully artistic scenes, hot French babes and somewhat overdone slow-motion scenes ( but they're still cool ). Perhaps the film might have some draggy parts to certain people - the Simoniac was complaining about 'another boring hour' after the first VCD ended - but I thought it was really good, so-called draggy parts and all. Not bad for a French movie where the only subtitles which I could understand was Bahasa Melayu. And even then, the subtitles weren't complete.

Of course, incomplete subtitles during the whorehouse scene led the Simoniac to try to convince me that the crux of the entire story lay in that particular conversation between the hero and the hooker. Sometimes, people just ask for trouble.

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