Monday, March 25, 2002

The Oscars have come and gone ( during which my girlfriend ate ice-cream until she nearly exploded ). CoolChique's heartbroken that Nicole Kidman didn't win best actress. Pei Ling explained to me that Nicole didn't win because of the Sympathy Vote Factor. If she had won, people would have said that she won because everybody felt sorry for her over that breakup with Tom. The rationale makes sense. Although I suspect that they do not give away Oscars based on that criteria.

Otherwise, tragedy struck today. A part of my module, which I spent many, many hours fashioning and crafting from pure characters and raw logic, went MISSING. Just poof, like that. I'm very sure it was in there, because I recall having an almost perfect module last time ( the imperfection was something else ). Now I'm missing that part of my module. And I'm depressed. Going on suicidal.

Anyway, Gregory North went for a minor surgery over the weekend. The doctor slit his throat open and his large boil leaked green pus. The area around his throat looks a little pale and greenish now. I'm not sure if I should be disgusted or cheered up.

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