Thursday, March 07, 2002

Roswell. Initially, I didn't like it. In fact, I detested it for taking over Buffy's 8pm slot every Thursday on Starworld. I mean, instead of the Slayer dusting vampires, I'm supposed to watch a bunch of aliens run around and get into trouble with a bunch of humans? What's more, Roswell is like an almost zero bodycount series, while Buffy typically had bodies dropping like flies every episode.

But after awhile, I found myself drawn into the lives of Max, Liz and company. Sure, they look like humans. Sure, their powers aren't exactly anything to write home about. But it's the story! The story! That weird alien-human love affair! That Dido theme song! Super cool Michael being all pissed and assholic ( thus, supreme coolness )! Max being Mr. Rational Leader! Liz's soulful eyes! Maria being... Maria! Geeky loyal Alex! Isabelle's big... big... BIG EYES ( and Prosey does another Heather Graham here *cheer* *cheer* )!

Maybe I should have missed an episode or two, and then perhaps I would have liked those interspecies couples less. But it had to be the Thursday night slot. Buffy slot. MONSTER THURSDAY SLOT. I've kind of like made a commitment to just be there every Thursday ever since the Slayer and her ex-boyfriend/true love and Frank Black got me hooked.

Tomorrow morning: Roswell desktop at work!

And to think I hesitated.