Saturday, March 30, 2002

The spectre of my old company - eBX - haunts my steps. Easter Vigil Mass tonight, and de Simoniac and I, keeping to tradition, attended the Mass at the Little Sisters of the Poor. And Mr. Chan, the owner of my former company, turned up with his wife, his son, his younger daughter and probably some relatives. You would think that now I've resigned, I would have the guts to go up to him and tell him what I really thought about him ( "You... you... you, sir, are an EVIL man!" ). But... as de Simoniac cannot tell a lie in church, so I too cannot just unleash a hot load of hell on the man whom some regard as de Devil himself. It's sad, it's depressing, I was so tempted to throw him off the roof of the church when he went out to see them light the big candle. Mind you, those assasination fantasies pretty much went ballistic when the lights went off ( de Simoniac had his mind on groping the man's younger daughter though ).

But. BUT. There's always another side to the coin. The man cannot be completely evil. At least, given that he pretty much loves his family ( at least, I think he does ), I doubt he's beyond redemption. Okay, so he's big on employee exploitation. Which is just another way to get ahead in the world, I guess. Yes, you can be successful and be a nice guy to your underlings, but that's more of a decision, not a necessity.

So ends Easter Vigil. And a chance to rid the world of a supposedly evil man. But he can't be completely evil, can he? After all, he's keeping Gregory North, Pei Ling and gang employed. Sigh, these moral questions... they traumatize the mind. Too many gray areas in life sometimes.

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