Friday, March 15, 2002

Well, BlindFold Lady has yet to finish downloading, so...

Stool Review of the Day
Today's colour is darkish brown. The texture is almost falling apart, which is always a good sign given how easily every piece seemed to just slip out of me. It's a bit like that time when I went on an all-vegetable diet, but just slightly more solid. The last time, you could hear a hissing sound as the stools broke up upon contact with the water in the toiletbowl. This time round, there's a cheery plopping sound instead as they hit the water.

No pain, no discomfort, no agony. This probably came as a result of me shifting my lunch diet from mee goreng to more conventional non-fried Chinese hawker food, eg. chicken rice and such. Tonight's defecation affair does promise to be a bit more exciting though, given the extra hot curry which accompanied my roti canai and piece of beef earlier.

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