Friday, July 12, 2002

Apparently, I have to stay back at work tonight. Not because I have workload overwhelming. Oh no, that comes later. No, it's because I have to call someone in US. Now, I actually wouldn't mind, but it's a Friday night, I'm supposed to meet some old friends tonight and there's a high percentage that the person we're about to call might not even be in theh office. Naturally, I am most unhappy with this development. I think it's stupid and pointless, especially if they make me stay back until 12am and the person we're supposed to contact is actually on holiday.

So it's a Friday night and I'm going to be at the office. I can probably switch off the lights and brood away ala Angel, but there's going to be other souls in the office, and they might not take likely to me switching off the lights as they try to do their work. But, you know, it'll be so cool to be able to brood in the office. In the dark. On a Friday night. And I'm all decked out in black today too.

Sigh... I'll probably go read the copy of Newsweek I just bought after lunch. And, er, surf. A lot. Apologies to the Simoniac and the rest of the guys. At least they're not the ones stuck in the office... brooding away... in the dark... ( damn I've really got to turn off the lights later ).

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