Saturday, July 27, 2002

Attended Intel's 30th Anniversary celebration on Saturday with Mich C. It was pretty full of Intel folks. There were Mich C's colleagues. There was Bernard from Splashpage. There were lots of people. And there was also free food ( McEggs and soggy McNuggets ). There was also this free movie, but I was so poofed that I finally got Mich C to go watch Men In Black 2 next Tuesday. Instead of waiting for another hour and a half, we bought some DVDs and went back to Mich C's house to watch them. After the first two stories of Kwaidan nearly put Mich C to sleep, we then watched Osmosis Jones, which is a really nice movie / cartoon. And then we went off for dinner, and now I'm back home again, messing with my new Athlon 950 courtesy of the Simoniac's technical skills and Captain Insano's connections.

This gamer shall game again.

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