Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Bananas and a cup of Berri orange juice makes for a rather...tedious breakfast ( but it's still food, at least ). Today's bananas were quite overripe - a few more days and we'll have cheery little fly-thingies zooming around. Couple a couple of overripe bananas and the orange juice and we had me in the toilet for too long, causing me to be late for work ( by, er, 10 minutes ) and out of parking lots. I ended up parking under a tree not too far away from where I usually park, but it's still a sucky place. I fear the insects. And the tiny leaves which somehow always manage to fall through the narrow edges of the car into the engine below.

Anyway, vege check. I've been eating too much vegetables and fruits for too long. I think I'm turning green and my finger nails are turning yellow. It's scary. It's freaky. Damn the papayas too, they cause me to leave a distinctly papaya-ish aroma in the air whenever I shit. But in the end, everything from the prune juice ( the juice of PAIN ) to those leafy vegetables I eat for lunch and dinner helps towards my full and complete recovery, after which I'll be heading towards the nearer MacDonald's for a Big Mac. It's been way too farking long. Just way too farking long.

I'm supposed to go watch Windtalkers with Mich C tonight, but some stupid misunderstanding / blame-shifting / redirected anger has somehow made me look really bad for missing a deadline when I've already stated that I would need until Friday to make the deadline. You try working on a server which requires a minimum of thirty seconds to respond between each mouseclick and you'll have a rough idea what it's like for me now. In fact, if I get a response within thirty seconds, I'll be SO happy. As it is, sometimes it takes me twenty minutes to get a result. And that's on a good day. So here I am, relatively pissed. I was pissed as hell earlier, but the rage has somehow diminished, leaving only a seething mass of emotional pain and hatred behind. Someone's got to pay for this someday.

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