Tuesday, July 02, 2002

The effects of sleep deprivation are quite consistent. Almost everytime I have only six hours of sleep at night, I end up zombified at work, occasionally nodding off at my desk. My nose starts clogging up, occasionally my left palm itches and sometimes I need to scratch my right eye. It's amazing how a sane person, knowing that he has a full day of work the next day, will still stubbornly insist on watching television or playing some comically-weird strategy game on the computer instead of going to sleep at the proper time. Why, Lord, WHY? Why can't people sleep at the proper hours and continue whatever they were doing the next day?

*I* can tell you *why*. It's called addiction. It's called a weak will. It's called possessed by Buffy Season 2 DVDs. In certain circles where watching television and playing computer games are known as not having a life, it's called not having a life. Sometimes, it's called lack of focus. Every now and then, I call it fed-up with life so much that all I want to do is to sit down and watch so much Buffy that I start talking like Xander.

I'm not bored, you know. Just that it's another one of those phases in life where you're given a choice on whether you want to continue doing something, or ditch seven years of effort and go do something else. I would ditch it all happily, but I'm not sure what I'll be doing after that. I like to know where I'm going off next before I burn down the place I'm in. Maybe I'll go work on some D&D modules. Or write again. Or hell, I'll spend my freetime writing haiku just like how Mr. Leonard taught me to. Oh man, what a gay idea.

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