Monday, July 15, 2002

An extremely dreary Monday. This is the Monday that all Mondays are made of. A mosquito or some dust mites were plaguing me last night. I kept on waking up with my whole body itching like mad. Probably the work of dust mites - mosquito bites would have at least left a little swelling in the morning. Now why did the dust mites decide to strike back at such a weird time? Could be because my father went to dry out pillows out in the sun earlier yesterday morning. Maybe it was some ritualistic revenge that dustmites do when you burn out their relatives in the sun. I don't know. All I know is that I really lack sleep now, and I really need to sleep now, and my mind can't bloody work.

That alone, of course, does not a Merry Monday make. During my toilet trip in the morning, I realized that my ass was painful again - probably an abrasion or something due to semi-hard faeces. Bummer. It's back in hell whenever I go to the toilet. At least I've been maintaining my vegetables - fruity diet. You know, a man can develop a liking for *gasp* leafy vegetables.

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