Tuesday, July 16, 2002

The haze got me yesterday. It was a horrible thing - visibility fell like a stone, and I could hardly see the far end of Gurney Drive from my office at Gurney Tower. Heck, the hills disappeared, and for a surreal period of time I felt that Penang was just another island lost in the mists. Only that the mist was haze, and as a result of mingling out of the air-conditioned office for far too long, I ended up feeling very - very - sick. I felt feverish, my eyes turned red and swelled, my brains felt overheated and I nearly hit the office door a few times when I went to the office.

Under all those sickly feelings, however, was a brain which was very nervous. Am I dying? Am I down with meningitis? Am I going to spontaneously combust? Goes to show how much I can still think, even when I can't think straight. When I got home, my father's banana papaya apple orange juice made me feel a whole lot better, and Mich C's song-and-story hour close to bedtime helped put me together again.

Nothing else was done last night. Well, I did manage to download the NeoGeo bios for Mame, so those Mame ROMs of mine which need ng-lo.rom to run finally work again. I also did a little Unreal Tournament map editing - being the lameass in 3D map editing that I am, all I did was two rooms, a corridor and a little underwater passage which ran underneath them. I think I'm getting the hang of the UT map editor though. Somehow, carving out rooms from a huge block of something is much easier than creating rooms in open space. But I still miss the glory days of Doom, when map editing was a simple ( albeit less powerful ) 2D occasion.

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