Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I knew that my entire Win XP partition disappearing last night was a bad omen. It wasn't the reinstallation effort which bothered me. It was just this strange nagging feeling that things were just not right. And when I woke up this morning and spotted the papers, I realized that the disappearing partition was but an omen of bad things.

The PAS party in Terengganu, apparently, has managed to pass a bill implementing the hudud law in that state. Not content with depriving themselves of having a normal life, they will soon force all non-Muslims in the state to abide by the hudud law. If they actually pull it off and the people there actually fall for it... Good Lord, what a bunch of sheep.

Now the hudud law is interesting. Taken unaltered, it calls for rather heavy punishments. If you're caught stealing, you'll get a hand chopped off or something. This will of course disallow you from stealing stuff efficiently from that point onwards. This will also reduce your capability as a human, and even if you actually repent, you'll still have one hand left. Tough luck, eh?

Anyway, the laws they're going to / about to implement in Terengganu are rather discriminatory too, if the papers are to be believed. Females and non-Muslims stand to lose a lot, but I suppose that's going to be okay with a state full of Muslims anyway. They'll just push the womenfolk down and the men can all have more fun than your average Malaysian. Below is a link to The Star's coverage on the law. Especially interesting is the NGOs' counters and the implications of the law.

Hudud law articles at The Star

So they've banned alcohol in Terengganu, and will soon do away with most other form of entertainment. If they decide to take it to the extreme I might just end up with a Taliban copycat right here in my own bloody country. I say we send in the assasins NOW before things escalate out of control. Of course, people might actually be able to think and instead send PAS back to hell where they probably crawled out from anyway. Any government which is going to force you to follow the edicts of another religion is a bullshit government. Non-Muslims fasting during the Muslim fasting season because it's the LAW for EVERYONE to FAST is just too ridiculous.

Sigh... this malarkey would not have happened if the people involved actually studied history other than the history of Malaysia and other nearby countries. Religion and politics should not go together. The Roman Catholic Church taught us so much about that... why can't people just learn?

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