Monday, July 29, 2002

I woke up with an aching body today. The arms are aching at the elbows, my bones make cracking sounds everytime I move around, I feel dead sleepy and I can sense a terrible case of fatness coming up. Apparently, my ass has healed up considerably, but not completely. When the doctor said it would take time, I think he was grossly understating the situation. So now, the feasting begins anew. Like how my gaming has begun anew, with my spanking new Athlon 950 that doesn't hang or crash every fifteen minutes into a game. I knew there was something wrong with the old motherboard. Something terribly, terribly wrong. Maybe I'll keep it somewhere instead of throwing it away. Future scientists will be able to analyze the motherboard and perhaps someday shed some light on just why it kept on crashing everytime I played a game.

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