Wednesday, July 31, 2002

It's about four farking twenty in the afternoon. I'm feeling sleepy and shitty. Someone stole two out of four of the rambutans a colleague gave me earlier this morning. Easy come, easy go, I say. But tonight, some stupid dickhead in Hong Kong who's probably being paid shitloads of money is insisting that someone stay back and call somebody else in America because he wants to make sure that those folks in the US are working on their part of their project. And of course, the prime candidate for this screwed up job is ME.

As if our US counterpart hasn't had enough hints that this is a very important project. If it were that important, then maybe the other guy in Hong Kong, who's also quite highly placed, shouldn't have waited nine whole days to send out an email regarding the project. That stupid email held up the whole process, cause the reply, which was very prompt, triggered off the whole "let's get the underpaid overexploited employee to stay back call somebody in US who might, for all we know, be on vacation". The shit people pull off in these times when employment is so hard to come by. The utter crap that is being done after they abolish the concept of paid overtime. Because of a stupid email, the work's been held up, and now everybody has to rush to meet the deadline this Friday.

Everyone tells me that I have no planning and no foresight and no preparations but heck, these lameasses, whose salaries could probably feed an African nation, are probably worse off than me in the damn planning department. Cause I won't be sending off emails asking for help on the very week of the deadline if I got the email nine days beforehand. Doing things at the very last minute isn't exhilarating - it's bound to get you killed someday. If the stress doesn't get to you, the extremely disgruntled underpaid overexploited unconfirmed pissed-off homicidal programmer will one day throw you off the 26th floor of a building. And then said programmer will go to your gravestone and piss and shit all over it and then maybe draw a smiley-face on the front with the faeces.

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