Wednesday, July 17, 2002

It's amazing what a hearty breakfast and enough sleep can do. With at least seven and a half hours of sleep every night and a decent plate of instant mee, I no longer fall asleep by 10am. What's more, time passes faster than ever now that I'm sleeping and eating more. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although my scheduled exercises have been put on hold due to a return of the anal pain. Then again, how fat can a guy get by eating vegetables and fruits? My papaya amount per lunch has been increased to two pieces. This doubles the chances of me eating an irradiated papaya and turning into Papaya-Man. This also helps with the outbound bodily processes. I actually felt very little pain this morning. Now that, is a good thing.

Last night, while typing out an assignment for my little sister, I watched a movie called 'Creatures From The Abyss'. I probably shouldn't have watched it while I was typing, cause I ended up laughing rather hysterically in quite a lot of places. It was a B-grade flick ( duh ), complete with cheesy plot ( teenagers stranded at sea stumbles upon research vessel with monster fish ), cheap special effects, gratuitous breast shots, bad dialogue and er... questionable acting. I thought it was really funny, especially when one of the girls held up her bare breasts and said "I think it's time to get a new bra". And of course, the part where a guy turned into a monster when he and a girl was having sex ( but sex in the movies is a bad thing, as all horror movies can tell you ).

So do I like this movie? Oh God, yes. It's not as classy as Dagon ( which isn't really B-grade in the first place ). The plot's no Schindler's List. The special effects isn't even up to the standard of Komodo. But it's a B-grade movie, damnit. I wonder if there's a sequel...

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