Sunday, July 07, 2002

It's the end of the weekend, and I'm really sorry to see it go so fast. It's amazing how fast time passes when it's Saturday and Sunday. Back when I was working in eBX, time passed at a relatively linear pace. The working environment was so fun that I actually looked forward to Monday. Now when my PC is my only friend at work, I look forward to Fridays religiously. I guess I finally know what Pei Ling meant when she told me how much she looked forward to Monday just so that she could look forward to Friday. A person should always have something to look forward to. It enriches life, and makes everything all the more sweeter. The water I taste is sweeter because I know Friday is coming soon. The air smells better because Friday is just a matter of days away. Okay, I know I'm losing it. I'm trying to quit my mud now. I've been mudding since 1996, and now that they're probably going to ditch my crowning achievement in area coding, I realize that I've nothing to show for all the years I've been mudding. I might as well be off writing a story. Or making more Doom levels. I can't believe I still have my old Doom levels.

Am I rambling? Yeah. Cause my sister had two of her giggly friends over last night, and the three of them made giggly sounds the whole night. Damn near chopped them into pieces with the local house knife. Giggly teenage girls making giggly sounds is a good cause for homicide. Especially when you're all bothered and irritated patching up Windows XP after the close shave yesterday.

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