Friday, July 26, 2002

It's so *brr*cold*brr* in the office. Especially after I accidentally dripped papaya juice all over myself and had to douse myself with water. After realizing that my jeans and my seat were soaked with papaya juice, I took a rather uncomfortable walk to the toilet to wash it off my jeans, and an awkward walk back to the office looking like I just wet myself. A good thing it's lunchtime and no one's around.

The project I've been slaving over is finally ready for testing, and before the bugs start marching in, I have this short respite where I get to actually breathe and bounce around the office. I'm putting my time to good use, of course. There's the weekly review reading of the Buffy and Angel episodes which I just watched last night. And then, of course, there's all the work which accumulated over the week when I was busy with the project. All of which, you know, should keep me busy until the end of next year.

Everything would be peachy keen, except that the office's damnable leased line decided to BREAK DOWN TODAY. I think around 15+ people are sharing a 56k dial-up line now.

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