Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Last night marked a successful resurrection of my PC. After a lot of sweaty minutes plugging RAM and the hard disk in and out of the motherboard ( it was a hot night ), the computer finally decided to work with 256MB to boot. A good sign - perhaps PAS will die off like the lame-ass religious manipulators they are.

Anyway, the late nights and the stress ( "WHY DOESN'T IT WORK? WHY, LORD, WHY?!" ) have taken a grievous toll on me. More hair on my head has turned white, and I can barely think now. I even experienced time loss today - was studiously researching some stuff earlier when my mind suddenly wandered off to the episode of Buffy I watched last night. Suddenly my mind was thinking along two different thoughts concurrently - my work and Buffy. That was only for a split-second - I know we multi-task mentally all the time, but this was different. After that weird split, I realized that half an hour had passed by without me knowing. I think I fell asleep or something.

And in conclusion, what is the price of fixing a computer and going on a Buffy DVD marathon with your little sister? Extreme sleepiness, the inability to think straight and this fervent wish for my bed and a nice rainy weather ( like now ). Also, funny thoughts running through my mind like "I wish I were a pillow", "Beware the glow-worms" and "If I were a question, would I be a good one?".

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