Friday, July 19, 2002

My flats encountered a blackout yesterday evening. I was justifiably pissed, as Buffy started at 8pm and the electricity was still non-existent at 6.40pm. So the Simoniac ( who happened to be in the neighbourhood ) and I went cruising around town in THE CAR ( aka his Mini ), and ended up in the same place we always end up whenever we go cruising around town.

Saint Xavier's Institution.

Each time I go back to my old school, I get assaulted by 13+ years of memories. Memories which really should remain forgotten. And after every visit to that place, I swear to myself that I'll never go back. Months past, and there I am again, walking around the place like a bloody tourist, criticizing anything which has been changed.

It's sad, sometimes, as I walk down the same old corridor which I must have walked down millions of times before. I close my eyes and for a brief moment I'm back in school, with my old schoolmates like ghostly shadows walking around and the oft-missed noises ( sounds? nah, noises ) of school echoing in my ears. I look at the much-renovated canteen and I don't see the new 'improved' structure, but rather the old dark dank hellhole which became a constant source of agitation for me the moment I signed on the board of break monitors ( those were, by the way, good times ). Blink, and it's a Saturday morning with those scout HQs sitting outside the old teacher's eating room while we normal scouts basked in the morning sun. I take a turn and end up in the motorcycle park, where late evening fades to early morning, the old tree which has been chopped down has grown back again and I'm suddenly among rows of motorcycles, soaking in the dew with my fellow traffic wardens.

It's depressing, really. Every step taken in school just serves to remind me how much my life has changed. This is why I don't usually go walking around my old school - nostalgia overwhelming isn't something I really like. It clouds the mind, dulls the senses and suddenly you're seeing ghosts of living people you haven't seen in ages walking around. Brings a tear to the eye, it does.

Now, if I had seen the ghosts of Brother Casimir and Brother Ulrick, that would have been cool. At least I would have known that the school misses me as much as I miss her. Of course, the only way I can probably see them is if I pee all over the corridor. Hmm. Some other time, perhaps.

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