Monday, July 08, 2002

Oh happiness. Our CTO's back in town, and a rather uneasy silence has fallen over the office. As irritating as I find colleague noise, this silence is even more disturbing on a level I can't really fathom. Everyone seems pretty edgy. Not that I'm not. I'll be having a meeting with him later ( shudder ). I don't look forward to it. I never look forward to such meetings, unless it's of the "good job and by the way we're giving you a big raise" nature.

On a sidenote, the guy who joined the company shortly while after me has resigned. I think. I don't see him around anymore, and his name has been cancelled off the sign-in list. Either he's resigned or he's been fired. This is worrying in a certain fashion. The last-in, first-out practice comes to mind. Oh boy.

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