Thursday, July 11, 2002

Okay okay okay. Accumulated late nights are VERY BAD THINGS. I slept earlier last night, and I just dozed off in my chair in the office. At least I didn't lose more time, but when I woke up with a start, I heard footsteps in the office. It could just be sounds travelling down from the floor upstairs - in fact, given that I'm usually the only person in the office during lunch when everyone else goes out to eat together, it had better be sounds from the floor above. Cause the footsteps and that scratching sound I just heard from behind the other partition does not get along well with the tranquility of my mind.

Oh great. I was supposed to blog and doze off again before everyone comes back. But I really can't account for the scratching sound, not even after I went behind that partition to take a look. It's amazing how creepy a bright empty office can get in the middle of the day. Yup, and suddenly my senses are all on hyper mode. I've never noticed so many things in the office before. Really, this place shouldn't have any excuses for having funny sounds and those 'things at the edge of your field of vision' thingies. It's supposed to be a new building damnit.

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