Thursday, July 04, 2002

So Mich C and I managed to catch Windtalkers in BJC last night. The situation at work got pretty tensed towards the end, but I managed to finish up everything and thus could run away from the office. They might just fire me for doing stuff like that, but that's another blog for another time...

Anyway, Windtalkers is a war movie. Made by John Woo, starring Nicolas Cage and to a lesser extent Christian Slater, it depicts the taking of Saipan away from the Japanese by the Americans. It shows how the Navajo codetalkers, using a code based on the Navajo language, sended messages which the Japanese couldn't decode back and forth. It was quite fun, really watching Nicolas Cage blaze his way up a hill massacring Japanese soldiers by the truckload with a few hundred soldiers or so behind him. Whenever he reached an obstacle ( large humongous cannon ) which bullets, grenades and flamethrowers couldn't handle, he'll call in his codetalker, Adam Beach, to pass on to his codetalking counterpart Roger Willie the coordinates of said obstacle. Then the cruisers would point their big big guns at the problem, and everything goes to hell.

Watched Saving Private Ryan? Know the beach landing sequence of the first part? That's what Windtalkers is like for about two hours or so ( the half hour was used for quiet time to develop the characters ). Mich C and I were pretty much deafened by the sweet sounds of artillery fire and machineguns. The movie's suitably violent, with people getting charred alive by Allied flamethrowers, people getting riddled with bullets, people getting blown into bits and pieces, people getting pounded into ground paste by bombs... it's a beautiful movie. Yes, everyone should go out and watch Windtalkers, but try not to do it when you're dead exhausted. It's a bit loud.

Now, I especially liked the part where the battles were in Saipan. God knows how much I love the Nazis with all their Jew-gassing and SS troops and Nazi Super Soldiers ( them the uber-villains ), but sometimes, you just want to watch other theaters of war. After playing WW2: Iwo Jima, watching Windtalkers was a treat. I mean, Saipan and Iwo Jima isn't all that different, and the weapons they used... it was so cool watching the Allied troops using the same weapons as depicted in the game. Okay, so maybe I'm a fan of crappy first-person shooters, but the bottomline is, WW2: Iwo Jima did make Windtalkers a much better movie. Especially that "been there, done that" feeling when the Allied forces were taking on the Japanese.

So Windtalkers? Watch it. You owe it to yourself if you're a fan of war movies. And if you're not, heck, it's Nicolas Cage. And it has Japanese ( everyone loves the Japanese - just look at people gush over Japanese serials and pop idols ). You cannot lose with Windtalkers!

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