Sunday, July 14, 2002

Some antimiracle happened, and my car's headlights happened to be switched on since 3pm yesterday. I have no idea how those lights got switched on - you do not switch on your lights when you're driving around in the afternoon - but switched on they were, and I was left with a car which refused to even whisper when I turned the ignition on. So my father and I ended up running around Penang looking for a tyre / battery shop which was open. Advice from the Simoniac landed us in Batu Lanchang, where we acquired a new battery from an air-conditioner / exhaust pipe / battery shop.

Mysteries to solve:
1. How come all the shops selling car batteries in Georgetown are closed on Sundays?
2. Why were my lights on in the afternoon?

Like, my God! What was I thinking? Shame! Shame!

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