Friday, July 05, 2002

Well, the shit managed to hit the ceiling last night. Mich C lost her car keys and then something in my computer hardware died ( probably the damn memory, as Warcraft 3 reported earlier ), followed by my Windows XP installation. Well at least Mich C managed to find her keys today, but my hardware and software remain dead. I should be getting a new motherboard and CPU tomorrow, but I still need a heatsink / fan to use it ( which I'll be looking around for today in 1-Stop later ).

Do I feel pissed? In a major way. This is why I hate dealing with hardware so much. Three hours last night and in the end the memory still wasn't working properly and the stupid OS conked out. The aggravation didn't end there. After a really tired sleep, I woke up today and went to work. Well, not really work, since almost everyone in the office was shouting around about totally non-work related stuff. Thank God for my headphones - the ruckus would have really driven me up the wall otherwise. I wonder if everyone feels like shooting their colleagues in the eyes with a stapler gun at least once a week. I don't think it's healthy, but since I've only uttered two words today ever since work started ( "Hi" and "Hey" ), maybe I'm the exception.

Lunch was pretty dismal too. The economy rice lady decided that I've been taking too much vegetables when I'm serving myself, and today she ended up dishing out pathetic amounts of food for the overexpensive price of RM3.00. That's the same price I pay every other day for much more food. Not that I should really complain about this, since the more I eat the more I shit and the more I shit the more pain I scream. Perhaps I should just stop eating altogether. Anyway, not only did the economy rice lady decided to cheat me, even the coffee lady gave me waay too little patpoh in my drink. Probably less than half a teaspoon, cause my hot patpoh tasted like water with just a slight aftertaste of patpoh. So there I was, sipping hot water with a dash of patpoh while contemplating the benefits of killing everyone in my office before "end of business" today. For one thing, I'll feel a whole lot better that these scum no longer walk the earth. And of course, there's the satisfaction that from now on, I'll be talking more - oh so much more - than those buggers.

Well, no PC at home for the time being until I somehow work a miracle. It's called reinstallation and decreasing the amount of memory used, but until then, no blogging during the weekend. This promises to be a loooong night...

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