Monday, August 12, 2002

Aah... my tongue's healing up rather nicely. The flayed tongueflesh seems to have vanished, leaving behind two white patches on the surface where my teeth bit down on earlier. Sensationwise, all that's left now is a slight stinging feeling where the wound was. It is a good day when you eat a small piece of fried chicken ( as recommended by the economy rice lady ) and you don't feel a stinging pain in your tongue. It's nice when you drink tomyam ( courtesy of Mich C yesterday ) and instead of going to hell, you just feel this warm fuzzy feeling in your tongue. Of course, the insane amounts of chee cheong fun which Mich C and I consumed for lunch yesterday helped a little in dulling what might have been a potentially taste-crippling soup. See, Mich C got experimental and got us tomyam and chee cheong fun for lunch hee hee. Right after which was a screening of Resident Evil, during which we had triple chocolate and cookies & cream ice cream. Oooh... heaven.

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