Wednesday, August 14, 2002

As time goes by, I find that the 'Just Another Day In The Office' Syndrome I have is fading away, to be replaced by the 'Oh God Please Not ANOTHER Day In The Office' Syndrome. Although they may sound almost similar ( they are, in fact, close cousins ), the first syndrome actually makes working less of a chore and more of something to do to pass the time while some form of financial renumeration trickles into your bank account. The second syndrome, however, is a counterproductive devil whose only objective is to make you not want to even think about work. Not thinking about work, you can imagine, is not a very good thing to do when it's 10.45am and you have a deadline to meet at noon.

There's much one can do to actually make life better. What I do, every morning when I turn on my computer at work, is to picture myself in a large gigantic stadium. There I am, standing in the glare of the spotlight with millions of files and folders ( looking very much like the usual Windows icons ) as my audience. They're heaping gigabytes of praises upon my esteemed self while waving their little bright red pennants with their little white hands. And when Windows 2000 plays its boot-up sound... that's when the crowd goes wild with adoration.

And then I'm back at work, with someone probably playing some Chinese song in the background. But I feel a little better at least. Communion with the machine is spiritual.

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