Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Bloody headache. Bloody headache is preventing me from thinking right. I don't know how many times I've started on a post today, only to delete it before I can finish the post proper. It's bad when concentration at work is just not there. The pounding in my head is not all that consistent though. It's like BOM BOM BOM and then suddenly the pain's gone. After awhile, the pain comes back and the big band starts playing again. Like now. Ow. I think the cold's aggravating it. Probably the lack of sleep too.

This condition, however, lets me remember stuff which have been long forgotten. Like this morning in the lift. A particular perfume and a white blouse against the bright mirror walls of the lift triggered a really long lost memory of the toilet area of my old deceased doctor's office. And one of the tracks from The English Patient ( incomplete ) which I'm listening to featured a solitary violin. That brought back to me the image of my deceased grandmother's old house, where we could go out to the huge balcony behind and sunbathe on the roof. Well, sunbathing was out of question at the tender age of five, but I remember having a riot writing my name on the walls when I peed.

See, lack of sleep brings forth visions. Visions are not always good - sometimes they can be perplexing. Sometimes they even remind you of the good old days of yore, when you would be sleeping at the ungodly hour of 2.30pm. Farking headache. Bloody headache.

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