Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Diablo 2 has possessed me again. My sister ran off to her friend's place to print her project stuff last night, so my Amazon walked across Act 2 and kicked Duriel's ass without returning to town at all ("On your knees, wormboy, and worship at my Amazonish altar"). That resulted in her being in Act 3 now, and me almost braindead today due to a serious lack of sleep.

I find Tuesdays to be rather hard. On Mondays, I'm still functioning. Sleepy, yes, but functioning nonetheless. On Tuesdays... OH GOD on Tuesdays, I wake up tired and sleepy. Such has been the case on almost every other Tuesday. Things look up a bit after the morning bath, but everything goes downhill a few hours into work. By 9.30am, I'm shutting down again and I start having these strange visions of really vague stuff, like an old man dressed in a colourful shirt cycling around town. I bet that was actually a dream while I was half-awake.

Now, the Tuesday Syndrome is probably not as prevalent as the Monday Syndrome. Most people, having learned the hard way that Sunday night is not a party night, go to sleep early on Monday night. But I'm not bonded by such insignificant chains. Oh no. Upon finding out that I'm still alive on Monday night after the long day, I proceed to party even more. This brings us to Tuesday - when energy is at its lowest and all I want to do is crawl underneath a big rock and shutdown permanently.

Oh great, the masses ( all eight of them ) are slowly trickling back into the office after lunch. If they would actually disappear until 2pm maybe I'll be able to nap a bit longer. But nooo... not even that will they grant me.

The question now is... will I be cycling around town dressed in a colourful shirt when I'm old? Sigh... the issues which boggle the mind when you're not fully awake.

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