Saturday, August 17, 2002

It's another one of them sleepless nights. I recall being bone weary after work today. I know, because I came home, took a bath and all but collapsed on my bed until someone woke me up for dinner. Now, after a rather hectic night trying to draw strange mathematical symbols and geometrical shapes in Word... I can't sleep. A part of me tells me I'm sleepy and tired, but the mind's still churning and the eyes... well, they're not tired anymore.

So here I am, early Saturday morning, blogging away and enjoying the cold night air. I can actually smell the sea, you know. It reminds me of a lot of nights like this one. Quiet night, that wonderful cold night air which usually comes around a lot during December... like Christmas 1996, with Christmas carols over Radio 4 and Star Control 2 ( courtesy of Babgafa ) in my computer. It wasn't a good time for me, that season, but the air, the songs and the game kept my spirit up.

Or all those countless nights I've stayed up just to surf the Internet and download stuff. Like now. Maybe I should change my MP3 playlist. I'm getting far too nostalgic here.

I think I'm getting too farking old. Mentally. Spiritually. Psychologically.

... away on ICQ with mnemonic and His Darkeness William ...

Weird. I suddenly feel much younger. Perhaps I need to stay up late every now and then. Let the cold air and the nice MP3s wash the accumulated dust of daily life off my soul. There's something really Zenlike with cold morning solitude on the Internet. It's nights like these when a younger me would have visited the more interesting links on the Dark Side of the Net. Or go searching for stuff on cyberpunk and Dungeons and Dragons. Nowadays, when rare opportunities like this come by, I just soak up the atmosphere and read some Buffy news.

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