Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I've finally finished playing Star Trek: Away Team. It's a tactical squad-based real-time strategy game set in the Star Trek universe. You get to control an Away Team ( Star Trek style ) to accomplish certain mission objectives. A few words about the game...

  1. It's fun playing commandos in the Star Trek universe. Too few games allow you to fly around the galaxy blasting Star Trek alien species to pieces. Star Trek: Elite Force allowed you to do that too, but that was a first-person shooter, and you didn't have the blessings of the Federation to carry out wholesale massacres.
  2. AI for the game was bad though. The personnel you control will not return fire - in fact, they only attack when you tell them to attack. Otherwise, they'll just stand still and soak up the phaser fire. And if you stun the enemies, their friends will ignore them and after awhile they'll recover and walk off as if nothing happened. This didn't really work in the Klingon mission though, when all I could do was stun people to minimize on casualties.
  3. I hate the borg. Unless I'm packing mucho explosives. And I hate cloaked proximity mines. And I hate it when I can't just go around killing everybody ( in some missions, you're not allowed to kill ANYBODY ). And I thought I hated stealth missions, but it got kinda cool in the end.
  4. Voice-acting was okay. Story was pretty cool. The usual twists and turns were there, giving you the player an excuse to go visit everywhere from Starfleet Academy to a borg cube.
  5. Controls were simple. The game wasn't 100% real-time though. You get to pause the game with the spacebar when you want to assign commands to your team members ala Baldur's Gate.
  6. I liked the graphics. Isometric view with pre-rendered 3D backgrounds. Everything looked real nice, except for those occasions when you used the sniper rifle to zoom in on someone's head to blow it off. Those pixels were horrible.
  7. The sound was incredible. Especially those missions based in the Borg cube. The low humming of the machinery was deep and pretty impressive. Of course, given that this is my first game utilizing my new speakers and soundcard, I could be overrating it.

The game's 18 missions took up some time. I pretty much enjoyed the game, although there were some pretty frustrating parts. However, the frustration only lasted until I figured out how to get past that section of the game. And then it was smooth sailing until the next stumper came up. I initially disliked the borg missions - who wouldn't, especially with those creeps adapting to your weapons after the first few hits? And then I discovered that they were vulnerable to the sniper rifle ( projectile ) and explosives ( ka-blooey ), and then borg missions suddenly got a whole lot more enjoyable.

Yes, Star Trek: Away Team was fun. No, I won't be playing it again anytime soon. I think I'll go do Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast now that I'm done. But ah... it was fun while it lasted.

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