Friday, August 23, 2002

Oh... GOD. Last night was cream and cookies ice cream overload. Now I'm bloated, my head feels heavy, I feel like shit, there's a sore throat festering in my throat and all I wanna do is lie down and die ( something which I've been wanting to do a lot lately ). Some of that can be attributed to my favourite program - The Late Night Show With Nicholas Prose - this time with Diablo 2 as our recurring guest speaker of the night. But it was the ice cream which probably made that yellow little thingy grow out of the inner part of my throat. I open my mouth wide, and I can actually see it there. In fact, I think it's touching my tongue. Soon swallowing will be a bitch and before you know it, I will be lying down and dying.

Too much ice cream, you see, is bad. Actually, I have it on pretty good authority that too much of anything is bad. Too much food and you don't only get fat, but you might land yourself an indigestion. And if you've been eating pretty solid food like chunks of meat, you'll probably have a wonderful ass-ripping time in the toilet too if you didn't drink enough fluids. Trust me.

And so Angel went to see Buffy in last night's episode of Buffy on Astro ( touching scene, that ), and in the following episode of Angel, Cordelia reminded me of this girl again. I bet she will be jumping around hugging people and lalala-ing too if we got her nice new clothes.