Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Raining pretty heavily today. You can tell from the way the light in the office changes - less natural light coming through the blinds, more artificial light from the office lights. It's a bit like night, save for the gloominess outside.

Gloominess. I find it odd how the people I make friends with in the office tend to leave.

The secretary who borrowed my handphone once? Left.
The guy whom I used to have lunch with? Left.
The first guy who used to talk to me when we met out of the office? Left.
The guy on the other side of the water cooler whom I started to get along with? Left.
The nice guy who's been helping me out lately? Leaving.

It's like I'm a curse. Or a blessing to all those people who actually made friends with me. Make friends with this introverted weirdo, and you will get a better job elsewhere. Like when I went to eBX. I came, I saw, people started leaving and getting fired. My timing can be impeccably odd sometimes.

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