Thursday, August 29, 2002

This just in: I am NOT dying. Apparently, it was a case of one banana too many. Too many bananas right after a nice meal of large mushrooms couldn't be too healthy.

Anyway, I'm not sleeping yet because it's very noisy downstairs. Some cymbals clashing away. I think it's some prayers for the Chinese 7th Month ( Da Month of Da Ghosts )... although according to Ms. FrostFlakey who's online now, the 7th month worship should be over. Most curious, because I distinctly remember seeing some people putting a lot of paper stuff on the roadside as I was driving back from Mich C's house earlier. Definitely Chinese people, probably prayer materials. And now there're sounds coming from below too. I wonder if anyone on the lower floors can sleep - I can't sleep because of the noise, and I live on the 18th floor.

Actually, it's a beautiful night to be up. It's comfortably cool, the air smells of... hmm, burnt paper, but hey, I'm not sleepy at all. So I load up the MP3s which are nice, slow and soothing and, er, play Diablo 2. Or blog, like what I'm doing now. It's positively appalling that I have to wake up for work tomorrow.

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