Tuesday, August 13, 2002

You know, my mind is filled with thoughts every other moment of the day, but everytime I sit down to write something in my blog, my mind goes a-blanko. This kind of selective writer's block... I'm not sure how it came about. I think it's pretty weird, given that I'm usually more than happy to embellish poor suffering Chris over ICQ with the latest in my mind. And that can sometimes get pretty vivid and sordid. Pity Chris. He suffers so that the rest of you don't have to bear with me over ICQ. And bearing with me over ICQ can get pretty testing... especially if you do it for eight hours ( or more ) five days ( or more ) a week. Many secrets can be revealed to you during that time, but like all good secrets, they're bound to corrupt your soul and drive you insane after awhile. So if you happen to bump into a web designer with a haunted look in his eyes who writes Christian plays in PJ, say hi to Chris.

But enough of the world I see which shouldn't be seen. It's lunchtime, half the office has gone out for lunch, I want to nap but another four lost souls happen to have finished their lunches earlier and are now also in the office with me. I'm getting pretty irritated here. That happens when I lack sleep. I'm just another big disgruntled bear who's a month short of full hibernation.

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