Monday, October 21, 2002

Along with Monday comes the usual bloat-o-rama which plagues me at the beginning of every week. Last night's double dinner with Von Darke, Maxwell Durnik and his girlfriend was a little too extravagant. The first part of the meal started in New Lane, where there were juicy fried oysters and a nice big piece of fried fish to the tune of RM15. All that in addition to our individual meals. I had the curry mee which used to cost RM1.20 back in the days when Saturday evenings meant church, dinner with my extended family and hopefully a free comic / storybook. It's now RM2.00 per bowl. A drizzle later chased us off to the sheltered Kimberley Cafe ( located in Kimberley Street ). There, we had satay and loh bak. All in all, a rather splendid dinner. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay for my gluttony in the toilet in the days to come. Ass-ripping good time, anyone?

Apart from the pain I've foreseen in the very near and dear future ( "OH! GOD!" *hits toilet walls in agony* ), it was nice meeting Maxwell and his girlfriend again. I used to eat lunch with this guy and two other folks five days a week so long ago. Ah, that was a time when I had lunch with actual people. I must be getting old, cause I think I miss those days. The chicken rice then was absolutely splendid, and the mee goreng with all the extra ingredients made life worth slogging through for just another day.

Toilet update: Thanks to Forlax, my last toilet trip just before lunch didn't turn out to be a hellish nightmare. But the stomach's still bloated though.

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