Tuesday, October 15, 2002

The cold... it presses down on the skull. I feel like a big invisible hand is squeezing my brains. Obviously, it's both painful and uncomfortable. But I'm still stuck in the office because a manager who, once again, doesn't know how to manage time decided that he wanted the world just this afternoon. I really hate it when they pull that off on us. They couldn't have decided on this LAST WEEK? They had to come to this decision like TWO FREAKING DAYS BEFORE IT'S NEEDED?

I've finally realized what makes a product bad - it's not the engineers, it's the damned managers. Managers who promise the client everything including the kitchen sink when their companies don't even deal with plumbing. Managers who think that everything is simple when they themselves don't even know what's going on. Managers who assume too much and end up landing the engineers into hot soup. Damnable managers. I wonder why they're even called managers in the first place.

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