Sunday, October 13, 2002


God, this is one GOOD series. So far, I've only managed to watch the two-parter pilot ( which, er, was supposedly never screened ) and the first episode ( 'The Train Job' ), but I'm sold. I'm SOLD. Yes, I love Buffy. Yes, I love Angel. And only three episodes of Firefly and I'm already there with the cast of Firefly. It's like post American Civil War meets Wild West meets science fiction. A nine character main cast - the captain, the soldier, the mercenary, the pilot, the mechanic, the 'companion' ( high class prostitute heh heh ), the mercenary, the doctor and his little kid sister. Thing is, I couldn't really differentiate the six characters of Friends until a few episodes, and I already know who's who in Firefly after three episodes. Maybe I just like Joss Whedon's writing.

I'll be getting the DVDs for this series too. But wait, it's Fox. And the X-Files DVDs from Fox cost like USD100 each. Oh man...

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