Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Here I am, in the office again. Somehow, with a full stomach and more than enough sleep the night before, the cold doesn't seem to be affecting me as much as last night. Last night was BAD. I went home and had dinner past 10pm. That resulted in an increased intensity of the headache and a very very very uncomfortable stomach. So uncomfortable until I had to walk around the house like a zombie bumping into some piece of furniture every now and then. The discomfort subsided a little after I downed a glass of Eno, but I still went to sleep with that headache and a fear that I would wake up puking all over my bed. Aye, it was terrible.

Not so today. I think we could make the deadline. And to make up for the upset last night, I had a sandwich and an espresso frappucino from Starbucks. The frappucino will probably take effect just as I'm about to go to sleep tonight. But now that my hunger needs have been satisfied, I can concentrate on my job better. Even though it's... er... past 10pm again.

Plus points: Work virtually done, deadline can probably be met, no headaches ( woo-hoo! ).
Minus points: Couldn't go see Mich C tonight, probably can't sleep later, managers will make last minute changes tomorrow ( doh! ).

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