Friday, October 25, 2002

I have the office all to myself again! Whee! *spins round and round in the chair*

Actually I just took a short nap. I lack sleep ( big surprise, duh ), and I think I've managed to get to that point where the moment I close my eyes and lie back, my mind just runs away somewhere. That's because when I napped just now, I *know* I had this weird dreamy flashes. Very very fast dreams which drifted away like smoke the moment I woke up. And there were many of them. Yay, I'm seriously lacking sleep again.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am once again a licensed driver. My driver's license has finally been renewed after it expired on the ninth of October. This isn't that bad - last time, I was driving without a license for seven whole months of blissful ignorance. Hey, I didn't know we had to renew our licenses then. It's just another stupid money-making ploy to suck more money from the citizens. I do so protest ( mainly because I tend to forget )!

And now, the results for this week's poll are:

The Question: Fear is:
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. That which renders us helpless and immobile. (3)
2. A good motivational emotion which can be controlled. (4)
3. The mindkiller. (2)
4. What I live in everyday. (0)
5. Fear? What is fear? (1)

Well, at least no one lives in fear. Four thinks fear is good motivation, three gets caught like a deer in the headlights, two probably read Frank Herbert's Dune and one fellow here doesn't know what fear is. A person who doesn't know what fear is... I admire that.

This next poll is inspired by one of Joie's posts.

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