Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I think I'm breeding worms in my stomach. After lunch yesterday, I was still hungry. After dinner last night, I was still hungry. After lunch today ( and I took a cup of Milo just to make sure that I would be full ), I was still hungry. My stomach's bloated up, but I doubt it's gas. More likely water ( to quell the hunger I drink lots of water ). Water, or lots of happy worms joyriding around the intestines. I don't feel sick or icky though. I just feel... hungry. And now that it's past 2pm, I also feel sleepy. So it's barely two hours after my Milo and plate of rice and vegetables lunch and I'm already hungry. I think it's obvious this little diet isn't going well.

Anyway, the admin lady Jenny is leaving soon. In her place is another lady called Connie. Before Jenny there was Rosie. After Connie leaves there will be admin ladies called Penny, Sandy, Sally, Andie, Debbie and Cindy. There will not be any admin ladies called Susan, Hannah, Rhonda, Joanne, Diane or Linda. Company policy, you see.

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